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10 Movie Tips on Surviving an Alien Invasion

Super 8 opens on cinemas June 10

by Mikey Agulto | Jun 9, 2011
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What would you do if our planet was overturned by volatile extraterrestrials? Well, if they aren’t the E.T. kind–you know cute, friendly and just want to phone home–it would be best to take you cue from the movies.

If you’ve been diligent on catching this year’s summer blockbusters, then you’ve probably seen the trailer of Super 8, master of mystery J.J. Abrams’s–of TV cult favorite LOST–latest sci-fi flick (or what we’re assuming is a sci-fi flick).

The trailer simply shows a train wreck involving a car and a bunch of kids with a Super 8 camera. Steven Spielberg spearheaded the production and we know there’s a monster in there somewhere. The movie comes out tomorrow, June 10.

So in preparation for more alien entertainment, we decided to give you a handbook of alien movie tips and tricks that could prove useful during should an encounter of the third kind happen. Be prepared because the fate of mankind rests in your hands.


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