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10 Defining 'Justice League' Scenes That Make It A Laudable Superhero Flick

Spoilers ahead—read at your own risk
by Vinz Lamorena | Nov 18, 2017
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Among this century’s Hollywood feats is finally assembling the Justice League on the big screen. It brought the world’s favorite metahumans and mythical races of heroes together for yet another quest to save the world.

As humanity’s last line of defense battle the power-hungry world conqueror Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds), the team led by the unlikely duo of Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot)  pack a lot of surprises and stunts for some delightful audience entertainment (just leave your critical opinions at the door and you'll enjoy the ride).

These heroes are obviously in a different league, so here are our favorite moments from DCEU's Justice League:

1) Wonder Woman knows how to make an entrance 

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One of the first heroes we see on screen is Wonder Woman trying to rescue hostages from a massive and ticking time bomb. The terrorists were expecting an explosion, sure, but not the Amazon shattering locked doors. *Cue Wonder Woman’s Wrath*

2) An ode to Steve Trevor

Breaking into the Bat Cave, Diana Prince sees Bruce Wayne tinkering with a bulked-up Batplane. With reluctance, she shares that she knew “someone who would’ve loved to fly it.” Our hearts ached for a little bit there.

3) Batman’s sweet introduction

Now, it was Bruce’s turn to show up uninvited in another superhero’s turf—this time it was that of The Flash (Ezra Miller). Found sitting on Barry Allen’s “second favorite chair” (and with Asian pop playing in the background), Bruce was immediately shown the door. But things changed when he threw his Batarang (Bat-shaped shuriken) for Barry to instinctively evade by using the Speed Force. 

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4) The best lines go to…

Batman gets the best share of punchlines (Sorry, Barry) in the movie—and you’ll love it.

The Flash asks him: “What’s your superpower again?”

“I’m rich,” Batman replies.

5) Moments in battle 

Watch out for the whirlwind action, where Wonder Woman tries to reach for her sword as countless of parademons tail her. The Flash is officially the best sidekick, using his speed to give our favorite heroine a timely assist. 

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6) Superman is back 

Clark Kent’s (Henry Cavill) return is much anticipated—it’s not even a spoiler to reveal that you’ll be seeing the superhero in this two-hour film. It was pretty awesome that the first place he flew to after his rebirth was the shattered Superman memorial.

7) The best of Lois Lane 

The sweet reporter is given some momentary justice. In Justice League, Lois Lane (Amy Adams) is introduced as her own character, with a brilliance and humanity not overshadowed by her lover Superman.

8) Superman vs The Flash 

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We’re freaking out over the fact that the last son of Krypton can seeming tame the Speed Force, and can even go faster than the Red Speedster! Forget the Batman-Superman rivalry, we’re all in for the friendly competition between Superman and The Flash—although Superman’s quite ahead on the score board after saving a whole building of civilians.

9) Shattered weapon 

Defeat comes after Superman freezes Steppenwolf’s Electro-axe, and at that moment, the god-killer—Wonder Woman—was beyond ready to smash it into a hundred pieces with her sword. Now that’s what we call teamwork.

10) ‘Room for more’ 

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Batman plans to build the Justice League’s headquarters in his former mansion. He instructs Alfred (Jeremy Irons) to place a long table with six chairs in the hall, to which Wonder Woman insists that there must be room for more.

Apart from Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and The Flash, who are the other DC heroes you’d like to see in the next movies?

PS: Stay glued to your seats, there are two after-credit scenes.

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