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10 Not-So-Commonly-Known Star Wars Facts And Trivia

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by Ron Jay Eduvas | Dec 11, 2015
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Once again, Jedis from all across the globe are burning high with anticipation as the latest chapter in the Star Wars saga—Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens—is less than a week away from officially opening.

It is scheduled to have its world premiere on Tuesday, December 15 (Manila time), in Los Angeles, California. The movie will open in Philippine cinemas starting Thursday, December 17.

The hype online for The Force Awakens has spawned a smattering of SW-related awesomeness such as Clone Army-inspired kicks, Darth Vader video pranks, and old Natalie Portman/Queen Amidala t-shirts, among others.

It has also caused many geeks to sharpen their knowledge of the space epic. We're no experts ourselves, but that didn't stop us from beefing up our Jedi expertise. And like a dude with FOMO issues, we turn to the Encyclopedia Britanica of our time to get our Star Wars knowledge on-effing-fleek: the Internet. We start with not-so-commonly known Star Wars trivia (courtesy of the Legion of Star Wars Facebook page).

Come learn with us, padawan!


There—now we're even more excited!

Trivia and images from Legion of Star Wars Facebook page

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