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12 Badass Betrayals in Cinema

<p>The spirit of Judas lives on in these films</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 20, 2011
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Prayer, penance and a whole lot of abstinence is in order friends because Holy Week is here.

It’s the week that calls to mind a number of things such as Visita Iglesia, the nasty heat perfect for a beach trip, and a Jesus-approved seafood diet.

Of course, what would these blessed days be without the story behind it all? Come on, you know it. If you grew up in this country, you were bound to have a C.L. (for the atheists that stands for Christian Living by the way) class or two in secondary schooling before discovering that confusing thing they call Philosophy in college.  

Story goes–pardon the summarization–Papa J (that would be Jesus or Yeshua in Hebrew) claimed to be the messiah, the Lamb of God, the savior of sins. People in the The Establishment—The Man, as the punks would call them today— ain't very happy about it.

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Dear Jesus and his 12 friends come together for a despedida of sorts (The Last Supper), where he washes their feet, breaks bread with them, and announces that he knows something fishy is going on. Enter Judas. And the betrayal. And the crucifixion.

Now as much as that story has so many interesting aspects, none quite hits home as much as Judas betraying Jesus. We’ve all been fucked over in one way or another, right? The event is so crucial that the name Judas has become synonymous to betrayal.

In preparation for Holy Week, we give you 12 films where The Judas’ Kiss or Halik ni Hudas takes on different badass forms. The common denominator being: Screwing someone from behind–wait, that didn’t sound right. Anyway, you get the picture.


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