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8 Ways To Be A True Bro According To 22 Jump Street!

Buddy-cop comedy <em>22 Jump Street</em> provides all the laughter you'll need this week along with tips on how to be the perfect bro!
by Anton D. Umali | Jun 17, 2014
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Comedy sequels are almost always tricky to pull off. There’s always a risk of serving your audience the same plot, with the same characters, using the same drawn out punchlines, only repackaged with a number “2” at the end of the title.

22 Jump Street--the follow up to the mega hit television reboot 21 Jump Street--however, exploits this fact about comedy sequels and the result is a freakishly hilarious self-aware (or “meta” as the cool kids are calling it nowadays) flick that doesn’t scrimp on the LOL factor.

The cast and filmmakers constantly poke fun at themselves, conscious that they’re delivering a movie as formulaic as its predecessor. But hey, if it works (and in this case it really, really, really does), then why fix something that isn’t broken?

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum return as bumbling undercover cops Schmidt and Jenko. They ditch the petty campus follies of high school and graduate on to college to try and uncover the roots of a new designer drug called Whyphy (which translates to Work Hard Yes Party Hard Yes and is pronounced like Wi-Fi). Sound familiar? That’s because it’s 21 Jump Street redux!  

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Since college is a chance to experience frat parties, sassy art-major chicks, and self-discovery, their friendship is put to the ultimate test.

A huge part of the franchise success stems from the bromantic chemistry between Schmidt and Jenko. Without Hill’s awkward brand of humor and Tatum’s endearing meathead panache, this might as well be Lethal Weapon or Rush Hour. Though their relationship becomes rocky amid busting drug dealers and boinking undergrads, it endures to the end credits. So here’s a guide to upgrading your bromance courtesy of the dudes of 22 Jump Street


There’s no reason to be embarrassed if your best bud is an athletic beast while you can barely dribble a ball. If he’s the sports guy (like the Chanimal) and you’re the artist (kind of like Hill) or vice versa, revel in the fact that your differences complement each other, butterfingers. Learn from each other.

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Schimdt and Jenko are a force to be reckoned with when they meld brain and brawn. But if neither of you have got the muscle nor the mind, it might be time to flush that friendship down the proverbial toilet.

Addendum: There can't be a pogi without a not-so-pogi


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Crushing beers and knocking back a few with the bros is a classic way of killing time and swapping stories. In an attempt to appease a prospective fraternity, Jenko proves he’s the stronger drinker without ever letting Schmidt give up.

If your bro is looking like he might puke his guts out, take his shots for him till he’s ready to swig away once more. Ika nga ng tito mong lasenggo: Okay lang sumuka! Wag lang susuko!

A true bro also cheers his bro on whenever he makes a successful beer pong shot

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More often than not, these cop buddies get a little bit too matchy-matchy with their wardrobes. Although they aren’t exactly sporting the same outfit, they complement each other in a way that says, “Hey, we’re an awesome twosome.” Just don’t purchase matching underwear. That might be taking it a tad too far.

Statement sandos are the new statement shirts

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Conflict arises in the film when our two brotagonists stray from each other to explore different facets of their personality. Schmidt finds himself with the artsy-fartsy crowd while Jenko rolls with the jocks.

When your best bud seeks out company that isn’t familiar territory, don’t hate. Instead, foster your friendship by building new ones outside your comfort zone.  

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