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30 Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

The Rock's been cookin' a whole lot—just watch 'Skyscraper' to see what we're talking about
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Jul 14, 2018
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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's action-packed thriller Skyscraper is now in theaters, the second movie he's starred in this year. Fun fact: there's never been a year that he wasn't in a movie since he debuted back in 2001, and most of the time, he was the lead. But why does he keep popping up every year on the big screen? Is he as immortal as Cardo Dalisay on TV?

Well, say what you will about the former WWE superstar, but what he learned and developed in the ring, he applied in front of the camera. Now that doesn't mean he applied it well, but you had to give the Brahma Bull a little bit of leeway easing into a new beast, and present him his hard-earned due when he eventually bashed his way in and took over the industry.

Took over, how? Well, if you try to search for how many movies Dwayne Johnson has been in, you'll find out that the magic number is 30. That doesn't even count cameos, producer roles, documentaries, and direct-to-video films. But how many of these movies are watchable at best, tolerable, actually amazing, or downright ugly? Well, we've done that for you and ranked his 30 movies from worst to best, together with our favorite quotes from Dwayne Johnson's characters.

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30. Doom (2005)

When studios try desperately to adapt a video game for the big screen, it sucks 100% of the time, and, this one is no different. They tried to make it badass by giving it an R rating, but that really didn't help. This movie had unengaging action sequences, horrible acting, and a predictable plot. It feels like Dwayne Johnson just signed on to pass the time until a better project came along.

There is nothing worth quoting in this movie. Not even a bad quote.

29. Baywatch (2017)

To be honest, if you expected this was going to be a great movie and invited all your friends to watch it, you’re probably friendless now. The idea was to update what was once a household name with Dwayne Johnson replacing David Hasselhoff as Mitch Buchannon. The original Baywatch, in the form of a TV show, was admittedly silly but fun. This reboot, however, is nowhere near as funny and took the word “silly” to new heights.

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What you say when you try hard to be funny: “I was born of the sea. I eat fire coral and I piss salt water. I scratch my back with a whale’s dick, and I loofah my chest with his ballsack.” – Mitch Buchannon

28. The Tooth Fairy (2010)

You have to hand it to Dwayne Johnson, he has charm for days, but all it could do for this movie was make it just a little bit watchable. It was meant to push some emotional buttons here and there, but it never did the way we wanted it to. It’s pretty predictable and could’ve been funnier with its pop culture references.

We’ve heard this from somewhere before: “You can't handle the Tooth! And that's the Tooth, the whole Tooth, and nothing but the Tooth! I pledge allegiance to the Tooth.” – Derek Thompson

27. Planet 51 (2009)

You know E.T.? Keep that in mind, okay? Planet 51 is about an astronaut who gets stranded and lands on an alien planet. This planet is home to a civilization of little green aliens. Sounds familiar? Well, that’s because it’s just E.T. reversed. T.E. if you will. Not as catchy, we know, and so is the movie.

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Way to point out the obvious there: “Hey, I’m not the alien here. You are.” – Captain Charles T. Baker

26. Walking Tall (2004)

One of those typical lone wolf movies, Walking Tall had people asking if Dwayne Johnson made a mistake in leaving wrestling. The action sequences are minimal, and, in this movie, that’s sort of not good. The movie gets hilarious though, especially when you realize how silly it is. Its two main ingredients of mediocrity and badassery didn’t mix very well.

We saw what you did there: “I grew up in this town. People used to walk tall in this town. They wouldn't have traded the mill for a crooked casino.” – Chris Vaughn

25. Southland Tales (2006)

Southland Tales tried very hard to be political that it became illogical and all over the place. Its pretentious nature made it tasteless and an absolute train wreck of a film. The movie took too long to finish, running over two hours.

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Pretentious at best: “Do you ever feel like there's a thousand people locked inside of you?” – Boxer Santaros

24. The Game Plan (2007)

Let’s be real, Dwayne Johnson is a good actor with a strong on-screen presence. But this movie was just sort of watchable for a specific target audience: sports fans, dads who are rethinking why they bothered to have a kid, and little brats that have daddy issues. The Game Plan is an over-budget Disney movie that they should’ve just put on TV.

Is this supposed to make us cry: “I have an answer to your question, P. Win or lose today, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me.” – Joe Kingman

23. G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013)

All explosions, but no excitement, G.I. Joe: Retaliation should be the last movie in the G.I. Joe franchise. The complete opposite of Johnson’s Walking Tall, this movie has too many action sequences that it hindered its capacity to be a semi-okay movie. The revenge plot is nothing new, and it gets tiring to watch after a while.

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Simply put: “Damn ninjas.” – Roadblock

22. Be Cool (2005)

This movie could’ve been really cool, with almost a Grand Theft Auto video game feel. The good thing about this movie is that the characters were engaging. The bad thing? The characters were engaging, and nothing else was. It lacks a strong narrative for the characters to go through, and the best part was when Dwayne Johnson raised his eyebrow like he used to in the WWE.

Unrelated singing: “You ain’t woman enough to take my man.” – Elliot Wilhelm

21. The Scorpion King (2002)

A typical chosen one sword-and-sandal film, this prequel to The Mummy and The Mummy Returns failed to live up to its predecessors’ reputation. This is The Rock’s first lead role, so we understand the pressure and that not every debut will be great. We’re going to get off his back this one time and focus instead on the needs-improvement quality of the film. The language they used doesn’t blend well with the period the movie is set in. It's an okay flick that could’ve been made better with a little more effort on the action and establishing of relationships of the characters. Kelly Hu, though.

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Accurate time period: “I may be a king, but I’m a wrestler first.” - Mathayus

20. Race to Witch Mountain (2009)

What is it with Dwayne Johnson, kids movies, and Disney? Race is a fairly watchable film that just needs a little more oomph to make it extra special. It’s Superman but divided into a brother and sister tandem, with The Rock as the clueless cabbie. Pretty generic in that department, but his chemistry with the young AnnaSophia Robb and Alexander Ludwig was a little bit better than most of his films with kids. Fair and cute for kids, but a bit glib for adults.

We don’t know what to believe, Rock: “That's it? So that's it? Mystery solved! You two want me to believe that you're both aliens.” – Jack Bruno

19. Faster (2010)

This could’ve been one good revenge film for several reasons: interesting camera angles, hue switches, Carla Gugino’s emotional display, and the muscle car. Other than that, everything needed improvement. The plot almost felt like it’s being shoved down your throat, and dropping bricks of twists and turns faster than you can say “The Rock." Although, the title suits the movie very well in the sense that you want it to end just a little bit...faster.

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Sacrilegious: “God can't save you from me!” - Driver

18. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012)

Coming out in 2012, you would assume that this movie would be good at least in terms of visual effects and CGI. But oh boy were we wrong. The plot is harmless at best, swimming in between lighthearted and cheerless. It has a nice message, though, about accepting your parents whoever they are. And that’s probably the only great thing about it. Okay, there’s Vanessa Hudgens.

The Rock comments on his movie in behalf of all of us: “You were right. I can't believe we made it.” - Hank

17. Gridiron Gang (2006)

Man, it’s hard to hate on this film. It’s an above-watchable, decently made drama. There were some strong performances here and there, especially from the unknown adolescent inmates. Dwayne Johnson did everything to make his character emotionally relatable and sympathetic. What disappoints here is the script given the real-life story behind the movie.

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A timely advice for Filipinos: “Stop fighting amongst yourselves! Take it out on the enemy for chrissakes.” – Sean Porter

16. The Mummy Returns (2001)

Has anyone ever perfected a sequel? Sequels tend to ruin the repute of the first installment, this film is no different. Sure, there are better visual effects, more violence, ensemble cast, but those are not the only things you depend on to build a film. A lot of cheesy and corny moments are spread throughout, it buried the story instead of making it a fun ride.

Not the movie we won't: “We shall see.” – The Scorpion King

15. San Andreas (2015)

Although the flick tackles nothing new from other disaster movies before it, it’s an enjoyable ride of suspense and horror. It is acceptable at best, The Rock’s charisma carrying the entire film since he does nothing else but fly helicopters and drive boats. The visual effects are unbelievably realistic. Pro tip: watch it with little expectations, and you’ll have a good time.

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Woah there, tiger: “It’s been a while since I got you to second base.” – Chief Raymond Gaines

14. Hercules (2014)

This movie tried its hardest to mix action and comedy but just falls short of epic. The tongue-in-cheek lines make it a little tolerable considering the inadequate battle scenes in terms of being larger than life. It’s almost a worthy display of sword-slashing, sweat-drenched machismo. The film is not bad enough to say it’s a waste, but not good enough to recommend either.

Time to get mythic on these a-holes:Fucking centaurs.” - Hercules

13. Pain & Gain (2013)

Everybody put your hands together for Michael Bay. This might be his most intellectual film to-date. And props for Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson for being the best two elements of this movie with their undeniable charisma and amusing violent tendencies. The story is fast-paced and bizarre that it’s sharply pointed at attacking greed, insecurity, and shallowness. Throwing away morality out the window is what the movie did best.

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Sort of true: “Jesus Christ himself has blessed me with many gifts! One of them is knocking someone the f*ck out!” – John Mese

12. Get Smart (2008)

This movie is likable and funny, although we don’t think it redefined comedy. It’s quick-witted and amusing, with a cast of supporting characters that, when put together, present interesting dialogue and chemistry. Dwayne Johnson delivered as a likable douchebag to Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway’s mismatched duo. It’s actually a surprise how good this movie is.

We could all agree with this: “See, this is your problem, some men like women who are feminine!" – Agent 23

11. Rampage (2018)

Producers and directors might’ve gotten The Rock wrong from the very beginning. There’s now an explanation why he didn’t function as well in the movies before this. It’s because he’s better with animals than people. The emotional connection between George the massive albino ape and Dwayne Johnson is self-evident. Aside from the occasional corny and repetitive lines and hasty plot, this movie is worth a watch. It may make you cringe at some points, but it’ll make you feel more.

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We’re encouraged to try: “Even assholes deserve a second chance.” – Davis Okoye

10. Snitch (2013)

The cast of characters is the most important part of this movie. They drive the plot from the beginning to end almost perfectly, especially Dwayne Johnson, who took it up a notch for a more-than-decent performance. Although hardly original, the almost-neatly packed plot will have you invested through to the film’s climax. Overall, it’s passable thanks to things picking up halfway, but it’s not as captivating as it could’ve been.

What we all want to hear from our parents when we get arrested: “I admire you so much. The stand you're taking. You didn't take the easy way out. Not setting up one of your friends. I couldn't do what you did. So it looks like you're the one teaching me what real character and integrity is all about. I love you, son.” – John Matthews

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9. The Fate of the Furious (2017)

Once Fate put its foot on the gas, it never let go, except maybe for minor bumps on the road. When a movie hinges on its over-the-top action sequences and gravity-defying stunts, you don’t expect it to hit you on an emotional level, but surprisingly, it did in this movie. At random points around the middle, however, it wasn’t fast and furious at all; it got exasperating and unexciting.

Detailed = hilarious: “With all due respect, captain, when this whole thing is over, we're gonna find a location and I'm gonna knock your teeth so far down your throat you're gonna stick a toothbrush right up your ass to brush them.” - Hobbs

8. Fast & Furious 6 (2013)

This was the movie in the franchise that got emotional as hell. The family got bigger with Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs and Gina Carano’s Riley joining Vin Diesel’s team to take down the second Shaw in their list of villains, especially when Johnson showed Diesel a picture of Michele Rodriguez’s Letty. It’s an emotional thrill ride that you will find yourself invested in.

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Creativity at its finest: “If you keep running your piehole, you're gonna smell an ass-kicking.” - Hobbs

7. The Rundown (2003)

Think Guardians of the Galaxy, but in the jungle with kung fu fighting rebels. That’s the best way to describe Rundown. Dwayne Johnson finally got to show off more of his acting prowess, proving he’s more than just his physique and catchy one-liners. He and Seann William Scott made one of the funniest pairs ever and led to The Rock becoming the new face of these types of movies.

To the person you thought was your friend: “I don't make deals with people like you.” - Beck

6. Central Intelligence (2016)

This movie is comedy gold. If you haven’t seen a Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson movie tandem, this would be an excellent start. It could’ve been a typical throwaway action comedy, but it ends up becoming a bromance flick full of pop culture references. No dull moments. Stunts. Laughs. Tears. This movie hits it straight and continuously. Not many movies can pull this off, so they’re like unicorns, freaking rare.

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Totally inappropriate: “You're like a snack-size Denzel!” – Bob Stone

5. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

We’re tempted to say that this was a great movie solely because of Karen Gillan, but it’s all four main characters that did all the heavy lifting. As usual, Kevin Hart and The Rock played off of each other really well. Jack Black amplifies the laughs of the aforementioned duo, and Karen Gillan, the versatile actress that she is, gets in on the laughs, too. Solid story all throughout. Doubtful costume on Karen Gillan, but hey, who are we to complain?

When work is piling up: “Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. It’s gonna be okay.” - Spencer

4. Fast Five (2011)

The first movie Dwayne Johnson joined the Fast and the Furious franchise and he gets the bad guy role. Well, he’s not really a bad guy, just the opposite side of the same coin. Everything is extra speedy in this movie as most of it are scenes of someone being chased, whether on the road, on yero roofs, or wherever. It’s quick-moving in every aspect to be honest so thumbs up for the appropriate movie title.

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Something that compliments this movie well: “Hell of a mess.” - Hobbs

3. The Other Guys (2010)

First off, the natural charisma of Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson combined is just overwhelming to the point that you feel like your head might explode just by seeing them together on the big screen. Mark Wahlberg can pull off action-comedy roles when he wants to and that’s evident here. But the real hero here is Will Ferrell. The actor just totally outshines everybody by being an unintentional badass.

When your bosses get some of that truth serum: “We couldn’t do our job if it weren’t for you guys doing all the paperwork, and answering the phones, and all that stupid shit that we don’t like to do.” – Christopher Danson

2. Furious 7 (2015)

“Physics be damned” is probably the motto of the seventh installment of the F&F franchise, and it gave us the miraculous car drops, and the building falling apart, that are still pretty damn memorable. But aside from the extreme feats that defy the law of physics, you can’t deny how emotional everything got, especially at the very end. Vin Diesel almost dies, then the beloved Paul Walker set off on a journey ahead of us. Everything was as good as it can be, and when The Rock finally returned to sort of save the day, we wanted to scream in our seats.

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Something that applies to your job, and maybe with your lady friend in bed: “Daddy’s gotta go to work.” - Hobbs

1. Moana (2016)

And who would’ve ever thought that Dwayne Johnson’s best work would be from a Disney animated film? Well, it’s not entirely his doing as the awe-inspiring storytelling and flawless animation is the wave that the voice actors rode. The spellbinding unity of all the necessary elements in the movie will fill you with a childlike sense of wonder. Anyone who hates Moana should be fed to the Kakamora.

Witty: “When you use a bird to write with, it’s called ‘tweeting.’” - Mauwi

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