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4 Captain America Movies Even He Would Wish Were Never Made

Captain Sham-erica!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 29, 2011
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Superhero-of-the-moment Captain America has had a long, fabled career that started in the 1940s.[firstpara] The character, created by Joe Simon (Marvel Comics’ first editor-in-chief) and Jack Kirby (Fantastic Four, X-Men, Hulk), was a comic book maker’s response to the Nazi threat during the era.

And since it’s a universal fact that there are indeed few better ways to represent American pride and nationalism than with a muscular red-blue-and –white-tights-wearing dude, the Cap was a success, becoming one of the best-selling comics in its time.

More than seven decades, and dozens of dead Nazi, communists, fascists comic book villains later, Captain America stands tall and proud.

Now he has a movie out that he’d be proud to brag about with super buds like Spiderman and Ironman.

The movie, titled Captain America: The First Avenger stars Chris Evans (he was The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movie) in the title role, and chronicles the character’s origin from being a scrawny, sickly soldier wanna-be to an all-out butt-kicking superhero.

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It is set in World War II where a crazed, power-hungry Nazi, Red Skull, has set his eyes on global domination, and as you expected, only Captain America can stop him.

But as with any career that’s “long and fabled,” the Cap has had a few mishaps along the way too. Here are four of this Marvel Comics’ A-lister’s worst misadventures.

1979 Captain America TV movie

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