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4 Exorcism Films that are Better Watched Possessed

<p>God save us</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 3, 2011
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Whether exorcism is real or not continues to baffle us. We've heard a lot of stories about it, about people speaking in tongues, and becoming so physically formidable that not even 20 men could pin them down.

Are those just people wanting to get attention, or is it real? This fascination is probably a big reason why movies about exorcism remains relevant. And the latest, in a long tradition of films about possessions, is Mikael Hafstrom's (1408) The Rite starring Anthony Hopkins, showing in local cinemas February 2.

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The Rite centers on how these demonic possessions can take hold even in one of the holiest places on Earth, the Vatican. It follows Michael Kovak (Colin O'Donoghue), a seminary student who is sent to the the papal capital to study the practice of expelling them demons.

Kovak is a skeptic, and believes that the phenomenon can be attributed to something far less ritualistic, like psychiatry. It is only when he meets Father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins) who's become a legend for performing thousands of exorcism, that he rescinds his beliefs, and starts to believe that hell yeah, exorcism is for real.

He then encounters a case of demonic possession that not even Father Lucas can seemingly handle, which ultimately leads him to rethink all his beliefs.

Before you catch the film though, why don't you check out our list below of some of the most laughable exorcism films that should also make you rethink your belief in horror filmmaking. Que horror, indeed!

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Abby (1974)

Think Exorcist, then replace everyone with an African-American cast, heighten the racism, erase all the suspense and shock, and you've got Abby. This 1974 blaxploitation film is about Abby, who's normally meek, reserved, and very becoming of a minister's wife.

All hell breaks loose when she gets possessed by a demon, which transforms her into an ill-tempered murderer and a sex-starved temptress. And so she goes off having sex with the neighborhod men, eventually turning into a real monster that b-movie directors would be proud of. Gotta love a movie whose tagline is "Abby doesn't need a man anymore. The devil is her! Lover now!"

Amityville II: The Possession (1982)


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