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4 Things You Can Learn From Pinoy Romantic Movies

Cheesy is as cheesy does!
by Siege Malvar | Feb 11, 2010
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Let’s admit it. We’re suckers for drama. We’ve pegged our public actions on romance movies. When all life’s a stage, it’s easy to see how life quickly imitates art. But when the art we’re talking about is Pinoy Romance Movies, exactly how much education are we getting?

Below are some things we’ve learned from watching Pinoy cheese-trains!

1) The More You Hate The More You Love 

Most love affairs, apparently, begins with unnecessary logic. Boy meets girl, and they have a fight. They always hate each other at first, justifying the 3rd Grade Golden Rule of “The More You Hate, The More You Love.”

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Witness: Kc Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez’ For the First Time. There comes a crucial point in the scene where the female lead confronts the male lead and they have this big fight that leads first to physical violence, to sexual aggression, and then, finally, to romance.

This isn't necessarily what transpired in said KC-Chard starrer but the following is a general little sequence. Observe:

Babae: "Hayup ka!" (sampal)
Lalake: (hahalikan si babae)
Babae: "Bastos!" (sasampalin uli)
Lalake: (sasaluhin ang sampal, at lalong hahalikan)
Babae: (masasarapan sa halik)

Now, how many times have we seen this scene on screen, and how many times has this actually worked in real life?

2) The One-Line Rule

No matter how complicated your situation is, it can all be summed up in One Line of Song Lyrics in English: It Might Be You, or You Gotta Believe in Magic. In any case, you have to Let The Love Begin, and take your One More Chance and Love Me Again.

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3) Love Transcends Classes

Movies about senyorito falling for his maid or his assistant are always a box office hit. Case in point: A Very Special Love starring Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz.

Why? Because no matter how false the hope these movies offer, girls will forever and ever love these romantic fairytales.

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4) The Happy Ending

Everything works out in the end. No matter how much of an asshole you were, or how many Derek Ramsays she had to go through before she realized she belongs to you, your movie doesn’t end until you’re happy.

Case in point: I Love You Goodbye starring FHM cover girl Angelica Panganiban and matinee idol Gabby Concepcion. The happy ending comes in the form of death. Really.

Somebody dies, giving somebody else closure, allowing that somebody else to marry another somebody else—get our drift? In any case the love triangle is set to peace and the happy ending is made possible because in a gist, somebody dies.

The point is: It’s not yet the end until you’re happy, not until you can smile when you hear your theme, not while you’re still sleeping around to get over her. There’s a reason why happy endings work: because a story doesn’t end until you finally have a reason to smile.

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