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5 Cyborgs that could make junk metal out of Ironman

<p>Samuel L. Jackson's greatest fear: sharks</p>
| Apr 29, 2010
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One of the most anticipated movies this summer, Ironman 2, is finally out in theatres. [firstpara] In his last outing back in 2008, the terrorist-murdering, metal-clad Tony Stark duked it out with the nefarious Obadiah Stane a.k.a. the Iron Monger.

In the sequel, Stark faces Whiplash, another metal clad villain bent on taking the crown of metal-clad superiority away from Ironman.

But we figure Whiplash won’t win mainly because Ironman has Samuel L. Jackson on his side. He plays the role of the eyepatched Nick Fury.

And we know Samuel L. Jackson is rarely on the losing side in movies. Unless of course, he’s facing off with sharks.


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