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5 Horror Film Creatures we'd Gladly Have in our Nightmares

<p>Nightmare into dreams!</p>
| May 6, 2010
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First released back in 1984, Wes Craven’s Nightmare on Elm Street was considered to be one of the very best movies to be released in that year—a classic screamer of a film that was made way before slasher movies became too fashionable. [firstpara] Now more than two decades after, and after a hundred more slasher films than we could ever care to count, Freddie Krueger is back with the remake of Nightmare.

In a film genre where a creature’s worth is measured by the number of times it can come back from the dead, Freddie Krueger really should have just stayed dead this time.

Why? Because the remake, bluntly speaking, sucks. Sure, it's as visually shocking as the original, but it's become painfully irrelevant. The storyline falls flat. And it lacks the panache to set it apart from today’s crop of crappy horror films.

It anything, the remake and its horrible ratings and reviews—Rottentomatoes gave it XXX—should haunt Freddie Krueger himself.

This whole discussion on remakes and haunting horror characters leads to...lists. Here are five beautiful horror film creatures we absolutely do not mind being haunted by.

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The Engkanto in Shake Rattle N Roll 9 (2007)
Played by: Katrina Halili

Method of killing: As an engkanto, she can place a doom spell upon those that tread and defy the sanctity of the land on which she rules—which is exactly what she did to a group of teenagers who made the mistake of entering her abode.

Would we risk death to flirt with her? Yes. Engkantos value their sanctified land the most, so we think that as long as we say “tabi tabi po” while doing something defiant around that area, she wouldn’t be too mad.

Engkantos also have the tendency of falling in love with mortals, you just have to be good looking enough. 

The Impaktita in Impaktita (1988)
As played by: Jean Garcia

Method of killing: Impaktita is really just a cute term for aswang, so the way she kills is no different from most man-eating monsters. Namely, she mauls and murders. She disembowels like a real chupacabra would, only a million times prettier.

Would we risk death to flirt with her? Let’s put it this way: If all impaktitas were as pretty as Jean Garcia, we’d have a massive shortage of males. But yeah, we’d still risk dying a gory death.

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