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5 Lessons Learned from “Epidemic” Disaster Films

Keep your gas masks on!
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 15, 2011
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Watching civilizations get wiped out is something that has always caught the fancy of movie-goers. Hence, disaster films. Meteors, tidal waves, Aztec prophecies—we’ve all enjoyed seeing them help the world transition to a decidedly more apocalyptic state. Chilling stuff.

You know what’s even more chilling than space rocks, though? Deadly viruses, such as those in 28 Days Later, 12 Monkeys, or Outbreak. Hence, stricter airport policies, especially whenever reports of bird flu epidemics bid us hello.  

And this year, we can thank Contagion for stoking that paranoia further. The Steven Soderbergh-directed film is now showing in local cinemas, and the response among critics is a positive one, calling it scary, thrilling and at the same time, smart. The thinking person’s disaster movie, some would say.

With an ensemble featuring, among others, Jude Law, Laurence Fishburne, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kate Winslet, the plot at first seems to be your typical “massively infectious, massively deadly virus threatens to decimate the world’s population” movie. What has it receiving acclaim though is the almost systematic manner it traces the path of the virus from initial outbreak to attempts to quarantine it to the resulting chaos to finally finding a solution from it as told through interwoven plotlines of the characters.

So it’s kind of Love, Actually only less likely to elicit warm, fuzzy feelings in you, and more likely to get you to read “survival tips in case of super-infections” articles all over the internet. Such as the ones we have in the gallery below:

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