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5 Reasons to Watch Battleship

A movie named after a boardgame about which it has nothing to do! Interesting!
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 29, 2012
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Remember playing Battleship the boardgame? Neither do we. Thankfully, the upcoming movie Battleship has nothing to do it.

This early, producers are hyping the movie, giving the audiences a lot to be excited about about this boardgame-to-film translation. Here, we come up with a good, solid five reasons why:

1. Director Peter Berg

As much as Battleship looks like Transformers with more water, this isn’t a Michael Bay joint. Which is a good thing. The man behind the camera is Peter Berg. He’s responsible for making Friday Night Lights, possibly the best football movie of the last decade. And then he made that football movie into one of the best shows in television ever. If you’re wondering how a movie such as this can get the roster of talent that it has, thank Peter Berg for that.

2. Taylor Kitsch

Speaking of talent, this movie has tons of it, starting with the lead: Taylor Kitsch. Out goes the whiny pubescent Shia LeBeouf, and in comes a true working class hero. Kitsch also has experience fighting aliens, recently starring in John Carter (another good film, by the way). Watch him and you'll know Kitsch knows what he’s doing.

3. Liam Neeson

Battleship has all the elements that make it perfect for Liam Neeson: an impossibly unbelievable scenario you just immediately accept to be true, and fight scenes. Expect a huge chunk of men rushing to cinemas just to see Neeson on a boat.

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4.  Rihanna

The other chunk of men will be seeing Battleship for Rihanna. We’d like to believe that she’ll be channeling her inner-Meryl Streep as she fends off alien scum. But if not, we wouldn’t mind. We love you, Rihanna.

5. Because it has robot alien spaceships fighting NAVY seals in the middle of the ocean

You got to hand it to Erich and Jon Hoeber, the screenwriters of Battleship. When given the daunting task of writing a movie based on a board game, they did what any inspired writer would: add aliens. What seems banal at first glance now appears to be something fun and interesting. The real challenge was coming up with a believable role for Brooklyn Decker.

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Check out the trailer:

How about you, what about Battleship are you excited for?

We are so excited, we're having a Battleship premiere on April 11 at Gloriette Cinema X. Come, you guys!

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