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5 Ways Date Night Could Have Played Differently

<p>Tina Fey is living proof that women can be funny and hot at the same time</p>
| Apr 8, 2010
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We know how solemn and deeply penitential you’ve been this past holy week, so now you deserve a little reward. [firstpara] Our suggestion: go watch Date Night, which hits theaters this Friday. It stars two of the funniest comedians on TV right now, Steve Carell (The Office) and Tina Fey (30 Rock), so we’re pretty sure it’s bound to give your laugh box a real workout.

In Date Night, Steve and Tina star as the Fosters, a loving, married couple who have seemingly hit the wall in their years-long relationship. So they set out to do something about it. Something real crazy.

Like stealing a reserved table in a posh Manhattan restaurant, which turns out to have been initially reserved for another couple, who, in an unfortunate turn of events, has undesirable ties with the local criminal syndicate.

And thus, what begins as a perfectly harmless date night, becomes a laugh-out-loud cat-and-mouse chase between a couple desperate to save their marriage, a bunch of classically inept movie criminals, and a security specialist (Mark Wahlberg) who’s not very fond of wearing shirts. It’s a guaranteed riot with the Carell and Fey delivering the funnies all throughout the flick.

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Before you do watch the movie though, here’s a list of how things would play out if we replaced Carell’s Foster character here with some of the other characters he has played through the years.

Why? Well, who wouldn’t want to see Steve Carell as the 40-year old virgin, again? We certainly do. So who’s with us?

Steve Carell as Evan Baxter in Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty.
Background: An arrogant, overly confident newscaster who makes it a point to belittle his co-worker Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) almost every chance he gets. 

Career highlights include saying “my tiny little nipples went to France” and “I like to do the cha-cha” on air. Later, he would become a congressman, and even later, would be appointed by God as some sort of modern day Noah, complete with a holy beard and a set of holy garb.


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