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7 Chosen Ones In Film (And How They End Up)

In movies, many have been chosen to save the world or fulfill a destiny. Here are our seven faves! 
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 2, 2013
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The chosen one is a familiar archetype in movies. A commoner is often chosen to take on epic—oftentimes world-changing—tasks, and to fulfill destinies, despite initial reluctance. And Ender Wiggins is yet another one. How he plays the hand fate dealt him, we’ll have to watch the movie to find out. In the meantime, here, we’ll review a few of filmdom’s most famous “chosen ones” and see how they fared in their chosen-ness. Chos!

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1) Neo
- The Matrix

Before being chosen:
A programmer by day and a hacker by night. Have always had an inkling that there was something off with the world he was living in.

Destiny: To free the billions of people living in a virtual reality world controlled by sentient mechanical beings that use humanity's life force as an energy source

Conclusion: Resets "The Matrix," and establishes a truce between humans and machines.

2) Anakin Skywalker
- Star Wars

Before being chosen: A slave child who was extremely gifted as a pilot and engineer. As a kid, he created the iconic robot C-3PO, and won his freedom through a "pod-race."

Destiny: To restore the balance to the dark and light sides of The Force

Conclusion: Fell prey to the dark side of the force and became Darth Vader. Redeemed himself by destroying the universe's ultimate evil, Emperor Palpatine in the end.

3) John Connor - Terminator

Before being chosen: A delinquent forced to live with foster parents after his mom, Sarrah O' Connor, was sent to an asylum.

Destiny: To lead the human resistance against the terminators led by the supercomputer Skynet

Conclusion: After initially being perceived as a false prophet, he eventually fulfills the leadership prophecy that the Terminators in the first and second movies have been trying to prevent. In an alternate ending, John prevents Judgment Day (the day when Skynet becomes sentient) from happening, and instead becomes a senator. 

4) Harry Potter - Harry Potter series

Before being chosen: Just some kid living under the stairs

Destiny: To stop the Dark Wizard, Voldemort, from reaching immortality

Conclusion: Kills Voldemort, gets married.

5) Po - Kung Fu Panda

Before being chosen: A fat, kung-fu fanboy (fan-da?) that loves dumplings and siopaos but loves his kung-fu heroes even more

Destiny: To defeat an evil kung-fu warrior and bring peace to the land

Conclusion: Overcomes his fat-ness, wins fight against evil kung-fu warrior by "believing in himself."

6) Katniss - Hunger Games

Before being chosen: A talented hunter living in the poor, mining district of District 12

To become a symbol for the revolution against the tyrants of The Capitol. Technically, Katniss wasn't chosen. She volunteered for the Hunger Games. There are hints though that everything, including the fact that she volunteered, is all part of the plan—thus making her the chosen one.

Conclusion: Up to Catching Fire, the second movie in the Hunger Games series, the reluctant heroine slowly accepts the bigger responsibilities a symbol like her holds.

7) Frodo Baggins
- Lord of the Rings

Before being chosen: Just another hobbit

Destiny: To destroy The One Ring

Conclusion: Destroys The One Ring, birthday is then honored as an annual festival. Woot!

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