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7 weird and wonderful Alice in Wonderland movie adaptations

<p>Remember, cute, white, bunny rabbits will lead you nowhere good</p>
| Mar 4, 2010
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If there’s anything we’ve learned from Lewis Carroll’s classic 1865 novel, Alice in Wonderland, it’s that properly dressed white rabbits are not to be trusted. [firstpara] That is unless you want to be led to a place populated by strange, grinning cats, silly card people, smoking caterpillars, and a heartless queen oft quoted to be saying: “Off with his head!”

Not many seem to have followed that advice though. The classic tale has been retold in what seems like a hundred times…and yet, they keep retelling it.

The latest in line of course is Tim Burton, whose imaginative and mildly disturbing vision could only be perfect for a world as off-kilter as Wonderland.

Before we talk about his version and its fancy 3D shenanigans, how about we present to you the century-long evolution of Alice in Wonderland movies? Welcome to Wonderland, and enjoy your stay.

The Silent Alice
Less than half a decade after Carroll’s novel was published, people were already fascinated with translating the tale onto film. In 1903, Cecil Hepworth, who is now considered to be one of the founding fathers of the British film industry did just that.

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His film made use of clever visual perspective techniques which made Alice looked bigger or smaller as the scenes required. That’s some pretty high-tech business, for 1903.

In addition, old silent films are innately creepy, but wait ‘til you see the hopping bunny man in the clip and you’ll see that Silent Alice is downright Silent Hill-creepy.


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