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8 Comic Book Superhero Movies That Will Swoop Down In 2014

Here are the superhero movies that will have you lining up in the cinema this 2014
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 6, 2014
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Some movies we consider "Pang-dibidi lang" such as most rom-coms, all musicals, and porn  B-movie creature features.

Superhero movies fall on this spectrum's opposite end. With made-for-the-big-screen visuals, ear-rattling explosions, and really, really tight costumes, our TV sets just can't handle them right. These comic book adaptations merit the big-screen treatment.

Thankfully there's no shortage of it in 2014. Below are eight of the loudest popcorn-popping comic book superhero movies coming to town this year!

1) I, Frankenstein
Showing in: January 2014

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Remember I, Robot? Well, that has nothing to do with this movie.

This movie is a reimagining of the classic Frankenstein monster based on the graphic novel of the same name. On the frontline is Dr. Victor Frankenstein and his creature Adam played by Aaron Eckhart who continues to roam the earth 200 years after his birth. Directed by Pirates of the Carribean writer, Stuart Beattie, the flick is sure to strike the first quarter of the year like a life-giving lightning bolt.

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