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8 Movies to Up Your Cineaste Meter

<p>There's an onslaught of drama!</p>
| Jan 20, 2011
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If you’ve been diligent in updating your dibidi stash, you’d know that right this minute, Drama is exploding in Hollywood. Well, better there (and on our screens) than in your personal life, yea?

If you haven’t been visiting manong dibidi, well sir, breaking news: The past year has seen a number of critical and commercial successes with regards to the genre that 1) always makes your lady’s tear ducts swell and 2) leaves you cringing for a Will Ferrell movie.

But. Now may be a good time to educate yourself with the missus’ favorite genre. So many awesome Dramatic films came out last year that not only engage and entertain, but they also promise to get the conversation rolling afterward.

And so, check out these 8 films guaranteed to impress them ladies. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget persevering athletes, gun-toting cowboys, and hot ballerinas making out.


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