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8 Unforgettable Voices Used In Animation

<p>When you don't got the looks but you want to be an actor, be a voice actor.</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 10, 2011
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Johnny Depp is at it again. Yeah, you know him. Don’t pretend not to. How can you forget his drunken portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Carribean series; or his turn as a murderous barber in Sweeney Todd; or when he became nasty drugged-up journalist Raoul Duke in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

What about the time he took Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka and warped it into his own? The jack-of-all-trades is notorious for always taking his characters one notch higher than usual.

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And now he’s going for it again, but this time by lending his voice.

He is teaming up with Pirates director Gore Verbinski for the animated comedy Rango, which opened in local theaters yesterday March 9.

Depp is no stranger to voice acting; in 2005 he did Tim Burton’s stop-motion animation movie Corpse Bride.

This time around, he plays Rango, a chameleon with the thespian chops of a reptilian Peter O’Toole.

When he becomes stranded in the desert town of Dirt, he must take the law into his own hands as crime and the demand for water escalate.

The movie plays off the styling of classic Spaghetti Westerns of the John Wayne and Clint Eastwood type. The movie also stars the voices of Abigail Breslin (cute), Isla Fisher (smokin’) and Bill Nighy (scary).

Since animation seems to be a popular outlet for critical smashes and raking in the cash, we here at FHM decided to put together the most memorable voices in animation history that we could think of.

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Check our list out and see of you agree. Sometimes in movies you shouldn’t just watch but also, you know, listen.  

Tom Hanks as Woody in Toy Story

How can anyone forget Pixar’s Toy Story in 1995? It was the animation film that demonstrated what 3D animation could actually achieve. The story revolved around a group of toys led by Woody (Hanks), a toy cowboy whose position is threatened, when the more modern spaceman called Buzz Lightyear (the equally funny Tim Allen) arrives.

With the help of an amazing musical score by Randy Newman, friendships are formed and lessons are learned. This is a story that will take you, “to infinity and beyond!”

You may know him better as: Forrest Gump, the bumbling, charming guy waiting at the bus stop with a box of chocolates from the movie of the same name. Tom Hanks is America’s voice of reason because he’s, well, relatable.

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The two-time Oscar winner (Forrest Gump and a disturbing portrayal of an AIDS victim in the movie Philadelphia) throughout his career has been paired-up with Meg Ryan in romance films such as Sleepless In Seattle and Joe vs. The Volcano. But to animation fans world-round he will always be remembered as Woody the ever-reliable leader of a group of quirky toys.
Ellen Degeneres as Dory in Finding Nemo

When Nemo, a hardheaded Clownfish is captured from sea by a dentist and placed in aquarium, his father Marlin must journey to Australia to save his son. A big part of the success of Finding Nemo can be accredited to Ellen Degeneres who played a forgetful fish named Dory.


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