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Cruise Is Back: 7 Reasons You Should Catch Edge Of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise's alien-shooting, mech-armor-wearing self in <em>Edge Of Tomorrow</em> is about to make a big splash. Here are seven reasons to catch it!
by Anton D. Umali | Jun 3, 2014
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Tom Cruise is back in world-saving form in Edge of Tomorrow, the sci-fi action blockbuster that promises to make audiences forget the snooze-fest that was Oblivion. As Major William Cage, Cruise must team up with Special Forces soldier Rita Vrataski to battle it out with an Earth-invading alien race known as the Mimics. Over. And over. And over again.


Early reviews of the film have been ace and will surely prompt moviegoers to rage into theaters when it opens tomorrow, June 4, and witness everyone’s favorite Scientologist save the planet from impending destruction.

If that isn't quite enticing to you, here's something to prepare you folks for the explosions, extraterrestrials, and high-octane entertainment: a list of things that make Edge of Tomorrow quite the sci-fi affair! Starting with the fact that the plot actually resembles an iconic Bill Murray movie…


Remember that sly Bill Murray comedy where he plays an a-hole meteorologist who must relive Groundhog Day over and over again in an effort to straighten out his attitude and win Andie MacDowell’s heart?

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Well, Edge uses the same plot device. Stuck in a time loop, Major Cage warns civilians, fights aliens, and tries to save the endangered heroine from an extraterrestrial sneak attack before the day ends. Once it does he must start from scratch and cover his bases.

It's Groundhog Day only with more explosions

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This existential crisis reminds so much of the Bill Murray-starring predecessor, only with huge robo armor, Gatling guns, and space invaders. And instead of Andie MacDowell, the chick in question is played by…


The classy Brit stunner checks her Prada at the door for more efficient alien-busting gear. She’s played queens (The Young Victoria), fashion mavens (The Devil Wears Prada), and the object of the male lead’s affection (every other movie she’s been in), but here she forgets the curtsies, afternoon tea, and scones...

...and trades them for sweaty planking exercises

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Far from the extremely feminine characters she’s used to, her role as Special Forces soldier Rita Vrataski, the seminal symbol of the human war against the Mimics, is the hottest and most badass you’ll ever see this lady.


People nowadays seem to be so fascinated with the concept of dystopian futures. There has been an abundance of movies that are fucked-up-future-centric and pay homage to George Orwell’s 1984. All this technology and hyper-modernism (and their consequences) we’re experiencing must be translating into all this Orwellian entertainment.

The suits make us feel like we're watching a videogame

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And the sci-fi genre is prolific at alluding to its forefathers. Though set in a distant future, Edge, with its invasion storyline and manipulation of the space-time continuum is more akin to H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds and The Time Machine than 1984.


Not author Robert Ludlum, but director Doug Liman. He was responsible for fleshing out Jason Bourne in the first installment of the Bourne franchise, The Bourne Identity. He also made Brad and Angie go at it as spy lovers in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, spawning the indestructible Brangelina power couple of today.

Say thank you for your existence, Shiloh!

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