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Top 10 Possible Reasons Why Popoy And Basha Are Fighting In New Trailer!

What could Popoy have done to make Basha cry like this? Let's speculate! 
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 16, 2015
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A new trailer for the sequel to One More Chance has been released with the opening date just a week away. 

Like the previous two teasers, the latest one follows a common theme: Popoy and Basha snapping their gnashers at one another. As established in the older promotional clips, the two rom-com favorites have gotten married, but not everything's as peachy as hoped.

The new trailer demonstrates their tumultuous married life, with a desperate-looking Popoy chasing after a Basha-in-tears. What are they fighting over? The trailer never reveals it but is apparently grave enough for Basha to say, "'Di mo lang buhay 'to, Poy. Buhay natin. Asawa mo ako, baka nakakalimutan mo na."  

The trailer cuts to that deep, familiar ABS-CBN voice, saying "Maaayos pa ba nila...ang lahat?"

Watch it here: 

And so we wondered, "Just what exactly did they fight over?!" We'll find out on November 25 when the movie opens.

For now, we'll all have to settle for our own theories below as to why Basha was just so darn pissed.

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1)   Popoy ate the last slice of cake, and didn't tell Basha.

May chicks si Popoy na iba

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Tinago ni Popoy 'yung cellphone ni Basha as a prank.

4)   All these years, tinatago-tago pala ni Popoy na hindi "Basha" ang hanap niya..."Basho" pala if you know what we mean.

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The signs were there.

May anak na pala si Popoy.

Nalaman na ni Basha na hindi pala orig na ginto 'yung wedding ring nila.

Nahuli ni Basha na may Tinder account pala itong si Popoy...

8)   ...
at naka-Tinder nito ang dati niyang rebound girlfriend na si Trisha.

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Hindi pala talaga gusto ni Popoy ang Italian restaurant na laging kinakainan ng barkada nila, at na-wrong send si Popoy kay Basha: "Ewan ko ba p're kung bakit lagi kami dun kumakain! Hindi ko naman talaga gusto dun eh, ang mahal-mahal! Si Basha kasi eh, kesyo Italian daw, at sosy daw dun."

10)   Popoy jokingly hacked Basha's Facebook account and left a supposedly funny post (
"Kalbo talaga ako guys kaya ako naka-wig palagi!") that Basha just wasn't able to take so well.

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Okay, to be fair, the wig might be a plot device as this comment on the first A Second Chance trailer points out:

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