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All We Know About Love We Learned From Movies

Rom-com lessons for the loverboy in you!
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 13, 2013
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Cheesy rom-coms and lovelorn dramas don’t need to be your nemesis in the game of hearts. Yes, they may heighten your girl’s expectations, but hey, if you read between the lines you might just end up learning a thing or two from a sappy Meg Ryan movie. We sure have.

So forget about throwing bitch-fits when the honey drags your ass to the latest Ryan Gosling x Emma Stone collab. Instead, keep silent, cringe at corny one-liners, and, as the musical score cues the audience in for the kiss everyone’s been waiting for, revel in the thought that you’ll be leaving the theater a little bit wiser (this we can not guarantee).

Or you could skip all that and learn right now what about love you could learn from movies. Hit the gallery below!

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