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8 Reasons Why We're Hot For Amy Adams

This Hollywood redhead is a surefire stunner.
by Anton D. Umali | Feb 5, 2014
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So Jennifer Lawrence is attractive, talented, and quite cool. There’s no doubting that. She’s got endorsements from the fashion industry, is hilarious during interviews, and enjoys photobombing during red carpet events. Not to mention she’s an award-winning actress.

She’s Hollywood’s current it-girl, littering cinemas, the Interwebz, and the rest of mainstream media with her unique brand of sexiness.

But if you’re tired of the blonde bombshell's shenanigans, we’ve got the instant-cure for that: the sweet-faced but still oh-so-sexy Amy Adams. The vivacious redhead burst onto the scene in the 2005 wedding dramedy Junebug, long before J-Law had you wrapped around her fiendishly long legs.

The two star opposite each other in director David O. Russel’s American Hustle. Set in the late ’70s, it chronicles the efforts of swindlers/lovers Irving Rosenfeld and Sydney Prosser (Christian Bale and Adams) as they’re forced by pesky FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper) to expose a corrupt politician. Crime, hilarity, and a lot of disco drama surround this flick, but of course, we’re also seeing it because of Amy (and J-Law). Here are eight more reasons why you should temporarily drop your J-Law obsession and get on the A-Adams bandwagon!

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In the short nine years that Amy has been in the limelight, she’s already been nominated five times for an Academy Award (this includes her turn in American Hustle). Her efforts have been noticed for playing a naïve pregnant lady (Junebug), a nosy nun (Doubt), a scantily-clad bar maid (The Fighter), and the wife of a cult leader (The Master). Though she’s never won, her consistency at churning out notable performances rivals that of her contemporaries.

Partida, buntis pa yan ha

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Admit it. You enjoyed Enchanted. You know, that cutesy fantasy film that melded live action and animation to produce a rollicking family-friendly outing. This is when the world realized that, “hey, Amy Adams can hold a tune.” Never mind the princess dresses, bumbling prince, and cartoon rodents. Listening to Amy’s voice makes you forget that you’re actually too old for Disney.



Brunettes are stunning. Blondes have more fun. But redheads, they bring out all the spice. Upon Googling her redheaded-ness, you’ll see that her mane, in reality isn’t natural. Shocking—but who cares? They compliment those deep-green eyes to perfection. 

Totally workin' it with her hair here

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The fact that her brand of funny can go from conservative (The Muppets) to down right crass enough to make your grandma blush (Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, yes she was in it!) makes her the woman you can bring home to mom who can outdo you when it comes to fart jokes–basically, the perfect female specimen. 

How can you ever hate on a girl that can hang with The Muppets?

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Geeks got a hard-on for Amy when she took on the role of Superman’s object of affection. As the scrappy journalist, she made sure that über-fans had some eye candy to distract themselves from Henry Cavill’s pecs of steel. 

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