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Angelica Panganiban's Best Movie Roles (So Far)

What genre will you tackle next, Angelica?
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Sep 25, 2018
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Angelica Panganiban is without a doubt one of the most recognizable women in Philippine cinema. Her next big-screen project is the romantic comedy Exes Baggage, which marks her long-awaited film reunion with former boyfriend Carlo Aquino.

Aside from romcoms, Angelica has made a name for herself in almost every genre both in TV and in film. A former child actress who has literally grown up in front of the camera, she has put her indelible mark in every role she plays.

So in appreciation for this one of a kind thespian, here’s a list of her best roles to date.

Whistleblower (2016)

Angelica plays Teresa, a journalist caught in the crossfire of shady politics after she pens an expose on Lorna Valera (played by Cherry Pie Picache). All hell then breaks loose as the Senate probes government officials associated with Lorna, the media go on a frenzy, and other officials dive into the mess.

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The Unmarried Wife (2016)

Torn between Dingdong Dantes and Paulo Avelino, Angelica has to decide between what she feels is right, and what she knows is right. She delivers an emotional and masterful performance that won her two best actress awards.

Santa Santita (2004)

Angelica Panganiban is Malen, an unlikely young girl given the power to heal the sick who now has to deal with the pressure and drama that goes with her gift. She stars alongside Jericho Rosales’ Mike, who is pleading for her to revive his dead son.

One More Try (2012)

The movie that gave birth to one of Philippine cinema’s most iconic lines, “Ang pera natin hindi basta-bastang nauubos, pero ang pasensya ko, konting-konti na lang!" A drama about the complexities of marriage and extramarital affairs in the Filipino setting, Angelica and Angel Locsin deliver award-winning performances that won them both a Best-Actress nod. 

Ang Alamat ni China Doll (2013)

This suspense thriller flew under the radar in 2013, and we’re still wondering why. Angelica plays the titular character, a member of a group responsible for all the murders and massacres in society, who suddenly disappears after being put under the witness protection program by an NBI agent played by Philip Salvador. Angelica, yet again, won an award for best actress for her performance.

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Here Comes The Bride (2010)

This comedy is Freaky Friday times five. Angelica plays Stephanie, a Maria Clara-type who’s about to marry Harold (portrayed by Tom Rodriguez). But after a supernatural accident, Stephanie’s soul is transferred to Precy (played by Eugene Domingo), Precy's soul transfers to Image Stylist Toffee (played by John Lapuz) and Toffee's soul transfers to Stephanie. The hilarious plot unfolds as each character takes advantage of their new found identities. Angelica won two best actress awards again for her role. Damn, girl!

Segunda Mano (2011)

Angelica plays a ghost, Mariella, in this star-studded horror film with Dingdong Dantes and Kris Aquino. A role where she won a FAMAS award for best-supporting actress.

That Thing Called Tadhana (2014)

Arguably one of the best hugot films in Philippine cinema history, That Thing Called Tadhana stars Angelica and JM de Guzman. A drama about heartbreak, anger, sadness, contentment, acceptance and finally moving on. Angelica gives an amazing performance full of humor and sincerity. And yes, she won two best actress awards for it, and a nomination in the Guam International Film Festival.

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