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ANNABELLE: 6 Reasons Why Grown Men Are Afraid Of Dolls

<em>The Conjuring</em>'s sequel stars the freakiest doll ever, Annabelle. <em>FHM</em> investigates why we're so scared of these plastic mannequins.
by Anton D. Umali | Oct 1, 2014
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It’s October again ghouls and boys, the month of frights, freaks, and even freakier movies. And welcoming you to this time of dread and scare-yourself-shitless flicks is Annabelle.

“Who (or what) is Annabelle?” you might ask. Well, if you haven’t seen the horror extravaganza that was The Conjuring, Annabelle was the eerie doll that haunted the audience’s subconscious. The movie was a hit, thus earning the minor character a movie of its own.

Here's the trailer:

Dolls and the horror genre have been fostering fear throughout the decades. There was Anthony Hopkins’ malevolent ventriloquist dummy Fats in 1978’s Magic. Jigsaw was murder incarnate for the Saw franchise. Chucky from Child’s Play made every kid swear off toys for fear of having their throat spite of the things that the darned thing initially promised us:

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And that is why we still don't trust anyone who tells us that he's "our friend to the end."

Point is: Dolls are things of terror! Although they bring happiness to little girls and girly boys, they’re capable of turning grown men into sad balls of cowardice. Listed here are the reasons why!


Maybe this is where it all began.

Dad screaming, “Dolls are for girls, young man,” sparked your aversion toward these toys meant for your sisters. You were conditioned by media and the society to stick to your G.I. Joes and Hot Wheels.

But admit it, you’ve hiked up the skirts of a few Barbies in your pre-pubescence, if only to see what was really going on down there. And now you wonder why having kinky sex with blow up dolls sparks your curiosity. Creepy.

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"Why won't you love me?!"
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Not that your current lil’ sis isn’t already terrifying in her own right. (Being bred on Nickelodeon and weaned on the romances of Disney princesses can kind of spawn the most nightmarish of kids.)

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Shudder if you must, but dolls and spooky little girls go hand-in-sickeningly-tiny-hand. If anything, most of us just wish that, like dolls, our annoying sisters would just sit there, do nothing, and most of all, shut up.   

"I'm going to stab you in the neck when you sleep"


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Just imagine a dark stormy night. The wind is icy and unrelenting as you toss and turn in bed. Shadows line your bedroom, creating morbid shapes and ghastly forms through the ghostly moonlight. Suddenly, a burst of faint giggles catches your attention.

Were they real?

Is there someone lurking in the darkness?

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And as a crash of thunder invades your rest, a flash of lightning illuminates your quarters. There, standing at the foot of your bed is a worn out doll, its big empty eyes devouring you whole. A wooden yet coquettish smile plastered on her childish face.

Just as it’s about to make its way toward you, you wake up. It was just a bad dream. You try to steal a glance at the foot of your bed. Only you’re too scared to do so.

Unless the doll somehow looks like this:

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