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How Many People Has Arnold Schwarzenegger Killed? We Have An Exact Count!

The Terminator shows us why he's the Terminator, the Eraser, and the End of Days-er!
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 19, 2013
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Arnold "The Governator" Schwarzenegger has mutilated/decapitated/disintegrated/mauled/discombobulated/shot a grand total of 509 living things on the way to ending their sorry lives. In movies, that is.

Yes, the original Terminator lives up to the name. From his first film appearance in the campy Hercules In New York in 1969 all the way to the Terminator, Predator, and Commando movies, Arnie has shown his merciless genocidal side.

                                                Arnie, demonstrating his sword-wielding genocidal side

How did we come up with the number? We didn't do it ourselves.

Instead, we came across this massively impressive documentation of all of Arnie's kills in his movies. Man, how much time do these guys have on their hands? At 28 minutes long, it isn't the shortest video around. But if a half hour of pure, ultra-violence is what you want, few videos come close. Here goes:

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Here's a breakdown of the kinds of kills in Arnie's career:

Now, we know that not all of us have the attention span necessary to sit through the entire thing. So below, in GIF form, we've listed some of the craziest Arnie kills we saw. All hail, Ah-nuld!

1) Vulture tries to eat him. Vulture's neck gets eaten instead...

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...then drops the bird, lifeless and full of regrets.

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2) Girl pisses him off. Girl gets shaken to death...

...then he storms off, with zero remorse nor guilt.

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3) Arnie tries to kill a mirror...

...ends up killing some man behind the mirror instead.

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4) Arnie tries out his newly-bought shotgun...on the man who sold it to him.

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