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'Avengers: Infinity War' Shakes Up The Superhero Status Quo

We didn't think Marvel would have the (Infinity) stones to pull off this massive feat!
by Karen Mae De Vera | Apr 26, 2018
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Avengers: Infinity War is the big pay-off that you didn’t know you were waiting for all your life. Every MCU film, series, and easter egg throughout the last decade has finally led us to the first part of an epic event. And during that time, kids grew up never knowing a world without a Marvel film and a Stan Lee cameo while teens/young adults have grown dad bods and have spawned mini geeks of their own. The hype for this film will replicate the excitement you felt before watching your first MCU movie.

If you are fortunate enough to sit among fellow Marvel believers then expect the cinema’s atmosphere to be buzzing with fan theory chatter, manly squeals of excitement, and possibly panic attacks. The best part of every MCU viewing is commiserating with the geek community as you help each other survive the long wait for the next installment.

You’re going to need that geek support more than ever because Infinity War is the kind of movie that will force you to take a seat (Yes, we know you’re already sitting down since it’s a movie theater but we need to reiterate this for dramatic emphasis, obvs!) and hold on for dear life. Prepare your Soul Stone and hop aboard the feels train because this is gonna be heavy shit. This is not a drill!

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As the after-credits scenes have not-so-subtly foreshadowed, after dicking around the galaxy and twiddling his thumbs at the comfort of his throne, Thanos finally gets off his ass and is ready to play hard ball. The Mad Titan wages war on the entire universe so he can collect all of the Infinity Stones by any means possible. Most of the Marvel characters introduced in the lore will finally cross paths and are brought together by this common enemy. And the MCU’s method of a slow burn type of world-building also does wonders with building up rapport among the cast and with the audience. Amidst the grim backdrop, there are still some notable laughs in between. Seeing a weird mix of heroes who’ve never interacted before will greatly entertain the fanboy in you. It’s like they placed pieces of papers with names in a bag and just randomly grouped people together. You will probably ship the shaky alliance that is Tony Stark and Doctor Strange A.K.A. the facial hair bros.

And with the loads and loads of kickass characters in this movie, you’ll need to stay put in your seat and hold your pee because there will be scene-after-scene of visually assaulting CG landscapes, OP brawls, and plot-relevant moments. It’s like going to a buffet that serves high-octane action and you are left clueless on how much you can load up on your tiny plate at a time. You won’t be able to process the current action sequence when another one busts through the wall. And with several sub-plots lined up all through the MCU series, the films attempts at tying up loose ends may seem a bit hurried but not glaringly so that it detracts from the main storyline.


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The most fascinating aspect of the movie is how much more nuanced of a character Thanos turns out to be. Yes, the Grimace-looking destroyer of worlds is fleshed out with enough depth that you may even sympathize with his villainous goals. In fact, digging deeper into his backstory makes him come off as your mopey, run-of-the-mill millennial seeking purpose in life. (We’re not even kidding. In the end, you might understand his motives a bit more.)

But maybe not too much since he’s the sole reason the movie’s kill count is at an all-time high. You have spent 10 years immersed in this universe and you are far too emotionally attached at this point. With that knowledge, Infinity War wrecks you to your geeky core and subverts your expectations.

The Russo Brothers gave a massive F.U. (using the Infinity Gauntlet) to the usual superhero popcorn flick conventions, to stuffy corporate expectations, test audiences, and the sometimes-polarizing fandom as they make brave and bold choices throughout the film. The movie exists not to please the fandom but to advance the narrative and tell a solid story despite leaving death and destruction in its wake. They’re not afraid to kill their darlings. Whether you love or hate the outcome, you will end up agreeing that they definitely didn’t play it safe this time. They've provides a surprising degree of shock and awe. This is war after all and that comes with the price of blood. Unlike the slight cop-out of Civil War, this will cost lives and significant ones at that.

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Avengers: Infinity War ends on a somber note and you will finally release the breath you’ve been holding since the Marvel logo appeared. The film is the dastardly fusion of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back and Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding episode. It’s essentially an action-packed story of love and loss. There is no relie,f but it hurts so good. It sounds like a painful ordeal true, but braving through this film is necessary in order to revel in the extreme catharsis that we will hopefully experience once the next part rolls around. On the flipside, the film finally answers the important question of the Soul Stone’s whereabouts and how one must acquire them. (But it also begs the question whether it’s really worth knowing?) And as always, stay after the credits for that little spark of hope that will tide you over until next year. This is a film that took a lot of risks and may upset a few viewers, but it was a necessary tale to tell. But all is not lost!

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So to those about to geek out, we salute you! The side effects of post-Infinity War viewing may include releasing an endless stream of expletives, wandering the mall in a daze, crying fits of despair, and your jaw dropping to the floor. We highly recommend watching this with a trusted bro that you can hold on to and seeking out an online support group afterwards.

Non-Spoilery Bonus: For the adamantly proud Pinoy, keep your eyes peeled for a Philippines shout-out during the credits.


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