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Bangkok Dangerous

<p>Pad Thai to go, please!</p>
| Jul 30, 2008
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What’s it about? Joe (Cage) is a hitman who flies out to Thailand for a series of missions. And like a typical Westerner who makes his way to this part of the hemisphere for the first time, he is dazed by the heavenly (and earthly) delights of Bangkok. He does the rounds in the underground crime scene, even taking a young protégé under his wing for some Hitman 101. He gets a wee bit sidetracked when he finds himself in an exotic locale and is lured deliriously.

What’s good about it? You get a feeling that the whole thing was shot in Manila, except Bangkok has Patpong and we don’t. Not yet, anyway. Sounding a bit hopeful there, aren’t we?

What’s bad about it? With all due respect to the Pang brothers, but why must they Hollywood-ify a movie that’s already a masterpiece to begin with?

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The verdict: There will be a sudden need to fly out to Bangkok to confirm if the red light district is as enticing in real life as it was on the big screen - Mica Siquijor

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