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QUICK GEEK FIX: Batman's Iconic Masks Illustrated!

Graphic designer Salvador Anguiano illustrates 75 years of Batman's cowls!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 19, 2014
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Who's a hardcore Bat-fanatic here?

We certainly know one!

His name is Salvador Anguiano, a graphic designer and illustrator, who decided to celebrate Batman's 75th anniversary (Batsy was created in 1939) with an infographic poster featuring 75 of the superhero's most iconic cowls.

You see, Batman might be just one character, but over the years, he's amassed a wardrobe that puts Imelda Marcos to shame. Through various media—comics, films, graphic novels, television, cartoons—Bruce Wayne has put on more masks than we can remember, but quantifiable enough that Salvador Anguiano can put them in a neat, not-so-little poster.

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Here are a few portions from the poster, containing the ones we remember more:

(From top left, clockwise) Batman 1st Appearance Bob Kane • Batman Jerry Robinson •
Batman Dick Sprang • Batman Carmine Infantino • The Dark Knight Returns
• Batman Marshall Rogers • Batman Neal Adams  

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(From top left, clockwise) DC New Frontier • All Star Batman & Robin • Batzarro
Justice Armored Batman • Batman and Son • Lego Batman • Year 100

(From top left, clockwise) Batman Serial 1943 • Batman 1966 • Batman 1989 •
Batman Returns • Batman Begins • Batman & Robin • Batman Forever

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(From top left, clockwise) Batman Begins Demon • Dark Knight Rises •
Batman v Superman • Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder •  
Batman Beyond • Batman the Animated Series • Super Friends

(From top left, clockwise) The Dark Knight Returns Armor • Year One •
Gotham by Gaslight • Batman Simon Bisley • 
Azrael Batman • Batman vs Predator •
Red Rain 

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And here's the full artwork:

Think you're enough of a Batman fan to identify all the cowls above?

If you are, why not check out Salvador Anguiano's Behance page if you'd like to score a real-life poster. 

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