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Battlefield 1943

<p>Fire in the hole!</p>
| Jul 30, 2009
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Before you even had the chance to grind those ugly zombies to bits in Left4Dead, or indulge in the action-packed offerings of Team Fortress 2, Battlefield 1942 was the king of the multiplayer shooter genre. That was in 2002, back when Lindsay Lohan was still considered genuinely hot by the general populace. 

It’s long-awaited sequel, Battlefield 1943, finally reports to active duty this year. A step up in its graphics is obviously apparent; it’s been seven long years, after all, and if these couldn’t at the very least keep up with the times, we would have shot this game to hell faster than you can say “pie hole.” The environment packs a lot of details, the characters are crisply rendered, and the explosions and gun flares, satisfyingly zingy. 

More than the visuals, though, it’s Battlefield 1943’s more polished multiplayer experience that rocks. The gameplay is very tight, and fast-paced, with a system that rewards both Rambo-tactics, and deeper team strategizing, but the combination of the two is still the best way to rack up them victories. The game is definitely as action-packed as the original—and with no two skirmishes ending up the same, you’ll never really know where your avatar’s dead body will end up next. It’s this kind of dynamism that’s really addicting about this killer of a game. Bomb away! –Gelo Gonzales

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Available now for Xbox 360 and PS3
Coming soon for PC

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