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Why Does The Rock Look Like Mr. Clean In The New 'Baywatch' Trailer?

And other pressing questions about the surefire summer blockbuster
by John Paulo Aguilera | Mar 23, 2017
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Paramount Pictures has released the official trailer for the upcoming Baywatch movie, and safe to say, it got us stoked for summer:

The action-comedy, based on the '90s TV series of the same name, promises a healthy dose of laughing gas, adrenaline rush, and Vitamin D. Starring Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, plus a trio of lifeguard suit-wearing actresses, Baywatch is teeming with star power, and not just because of The Rock.

But before flocking the theaters starting May 10, we just have a few concerns about the teaser... 

Why does The Rock's sand sculpture look like Mr. Clean?

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Casting Dwayne Johnson is an overt appeal for a sequel or two. The man called 'Franchise Viagra' is once again expected to carry the film with his supreme charisma. If only we could see something more from him, in terms of acting...

Is that the same guy from Neighbors?

Say all you want—in our hearts, Efron is still that awkward, singing basketball dude from High School Musical. While he may have found his niche in comedy, we just hope Troy Bolton won't be confined to the buff douche role.


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What makes bad words bad?

So 'dick,' 'pussy,' and 'shit' get the pass, but 'motherf*cker' and 'f*ck' are bleeped out? Director Seth Gordon should be able to tell apart action-comedy from slapstick. Also, is Michael Bay part of this film, based on the number of explosions?

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We honestly don't know how to feel about that iconic scene

One moment you're staring at Kelly Rohrbach, Alexandra Daddario, and Ilfenesh Hadera, and the next thing you know, you can't unsee Dwyane and Zac's pecs. The sight of Jon Bass fully covered on the beach wasn't really much of a help. Thank God for the 1:42-47 mark.

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Will we see more of Charlotte McKinney?

The Carl's Jr. model finally came into view, albeit in a split-second (0:26 mark). How about longer screen time for Charlotte, only to get the image of Efron in a dress out of our heads? We're head over heels for Kelly, but McKinney might be a better CJ Parker 2.0.

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