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Based on a kick-ass poem, literally<br />
| Nov 15, 2007
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Stars: Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins, John Malkovich, Ray Winstone
That ancient epic vaguely mentioned by your high school professor as England’s version of our Lam-Ang is now translated into a CGI-rich, full-length flick by Robert Zemeckis. Definitely, this one’s much easier to grasp than the lengthy poem with 3,183 lines—all scribbled in old English. The screen adaptation by author Neil Gaiman and acclaimed scriptwriter Roger Avary retells the epic clash of the mighty warrior Beowulf (Winstone) and his three antagonists: the demonic beast Grendel, a dragon, and the ruthlessly seductive mother of the beast, portrayed by the lovely Ms. Jolie. But while most of the film remains true to the old poem, some plot elements in the story deviates from the original content, such as those surrounding the wickedly seductive mom. Overall, expect this rendition to be dark, mystical, and breathtaking.
- Charmaine Z. Chanco


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