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Bigote blues

| Jul 30, 2009
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While talent is their bread and butter, their looks have become the rock with which they’ve built careers on. Some actors have biceps and those rats up their arms carry them from role to role. Some are pogi and that carries them from leading man role to leading man role. Then some rely on facial hair on which they’ve built their entire careers, not to mention lifelong reputations. Here now are the mustachioed men of Philippine showbiz whose facial hair seemingly has a life of its own, like black, bushy caterpillars resting on an all too generous upper lip.


Rez Cortez
Most notable moustache moment: as Danny in Insiang
In recent days, the versatile, 53-year-old actor's moustache has been thinning out and getting whiter every day. But in earlier times, Rez Cortez proved there and then just how menacing curly hair, prominent eyebrows, and a killer moustache could be. Proving his versatility, he played the role of a good cop in the TV series Totoy Bato, probably earning him a collective gasp from an unprepared crowd who have been so used to his nastier roles.

Today, Rez heads the Fernando Poe Jr. Movement for Truth and Democracy, which is made up of those who supported FPJ’s presidential campaign in 2004. The group is now lobbying to get former president Joseph Estrada to run for the presidential throne in 2010.

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WORDS: Gelo Gonzales

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