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Black Cat And Silver Sable: Our Bold Predictions For The Feisty Female Leads

Our top contenders that scratch and claw
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Aug 14, 2018
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Right about now, we all know that Sony is gearing up for a series of spin-off Spider-Man movies, starting with Venom starring Tom Hardy this coming October. They are following it up with an interesting lineup, particularly with web-head universe characters.

Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters (SUMC) has already set a few movies to come next after Venom. A Morbius the Living Vampire movie is reportedly in the works and will star Jared Leto. It’s also been noted that Korean-American superhero Cindy Moon or Silk is currently in early development for her movie adaptation, with Spider-Man: Homecoming actress Tiffany Espensen set to play the lead.

Now, there have been plans for a Silver And Black tandem movie, but Sony has scrapped that idea and will instead give both Silver Sable and Black Cat their solo films. There haven’t been any solid indication or even rumors as to who will play these feisty and crafty anti-heroines, so we took the liberty in making some wise guesses and bold predictions ourselves.

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Silver Sable

Lea Seydoux

If Silver Sable was a real mercenary alive today, there’s no doubt she’d look like Lea Seydoux, or she’s actually Lea Seydoux. Those cold eyes and tough-looking body? Perfect.

Emilia Clarke

Her strong demeanor and unrivaled tough but sweet looks prove that Emilia Clarke would be one of the top choices for the role. Plus, she can rock a wig.

Zoe Kravitz

If Sony goes for a diverse and off-comic look, then Zoe Kravitz is the obvious pick for the leader of the Wild Pack. She oozes out Big Dick Energy effortlessly just by looking at you.

Black Cat

Nicola Peltz

With her sultry looks and stunningly slender body, Nicola Peltz could perfectly fit the description of Felicia Hardy.

Camila Mendes

An instant favorite from the Riverdale series, Camila Mendes has made her mark as fast as you could say “My specialty is ice.” Her now-iconic resting bitch face is enough to make the case that she’s the Brazilian version of Black Cat.

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Kat Graham

Kat Graham can add a new twist to the expert cat burglar’s character. Since Black Panther is the only solo movie that is led by a character of color, Sony can add to that with a re-imagining of Black Cat.

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