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Breaking Dawn: Bolero Lines for Bella

Haters will hate, but they're scoring big at the box office
by Mikey Agulto | Nov 23, 2011
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Breaking Dawn, the third sequel coming from the ultra popular Twilight franchise, is currently ruling cineplexes all over the world. And by ruling, we really mean every single cinema in every mall you'll go to have only this movie to showcase. Just an Edward-Bella-Jacob triumvirate.

Granted we don't know much about women—such complexity!—but if we knew anything,  it's that she never gets tired of our age-old pambobola. The most cynical of them femmes may not believe it, but the effort is surely appreciated.

Cheesy, poetic, and most definitely romantic - that's how they allegedly roll. Check out the bola lines that make this tandem one of the most adored and cringe-worthy love triangles in the history of movies. Twilight woohoo!


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