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<p>It's a world tour of <em>paghahasik ng lagim!</em></p>
| Sep 3, 2009
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The last time we saw Sacha Baron Cohen, he was the irreverent, politically incorrect journalist from Kazakhstan. Thigh-slapping funny, Borat is considerably one of the funniest satires ever produced in the world.

Cohen is back at it again with Bruno, this time playing an Austrian fashion reporter hell-bent on becoming famous. It's a world tour of crazy that leaves everyone he encounters scarred for life. Just like in Borat, much of the comedy comes from seeing this crazy personality smash the walls of accepted behavior and then witnessing how the characters involved in the scene would react.

For the uninitiated, many parts of this mockumentary are unscripted—just like Borat. So, just like what happens in Borat, Bruno's victims respond to his shenanigans, the shock/disgust/surprise on their faces. All those are real.

Bruno proves that Sacha Baron Cohen is one of the best comics of our generation. Once he gets into character, he dives head first. Cohen's amazing talent to become the character is a big reason Bruno clicks.—Gelo Gonzales

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