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Captain America: The Winter Soldier: 7 Reasons We're Excited For Scar Jo To Have Her Own Movie

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the superhero movie of the moment. Our eyes however are fixated on a character other than the lead: Black Widow aka Scar-Jo!
by Anton D. Umali | Mar 25, 2014
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So the Cap is back, doing his best once again to save Uncle Sam from the maniacal terrorizing of a mysterious villain. Although most chicks dig Chris Evans for his traditional Americana good looks and shield-wielding ways, most male comic book geeks and moviegoers are diehard (and we mean really, really hard) fanboys of Scarlett Johansson’s super spy Black Widow.

So much so that the superhero rumor mill has been at work, and word is that Marvel feels confident enough to give the ass-kicking heroine-with-a-tight-ass her own movie.  

Scar Jo may be prego at the moment, but trust us, once that beautiful specimen of a human infant pops out of her, she’ll be back beating up baddies for your viewing pleasure. Though nothing is concrete yet, the thought of a movie with Black Widow at the center having onscreen solo time, has already got our blood boiling in excitement.

In the meantime, catch her in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Here are seven more reasons why you should be just as hyped up as us.

The name Natasha Romanova might sound like that of a high-end escort, but make no mistakes, it is just one of the many aliases of this Soviet spy. Orphaned as a child, the young Natasha was rescued from a burning building by a Soviet soldier. Soviet intelligence then took notice of her potential.

It would be entertaining to see her back-story fleshed out on the silver screen without having to worry about The Hulk getting in the way or Tony Stark being all Tony Stark around her:

She was trained through the Black Widow program, a troop of chosen female assassins with continental flair. Her cover: ballerina by day, bloody murderess by night. If you haven’t seen her capabilities at ripping henchmen a new asshole, Winter Soldier will do just that.

Actual Black Widow spiders are popular for devouring males post-intercourse. She can break your heart and break your neck. Scar Jo: she lives up to that reputation. This dude had to learn it the hard way:

It’s black, hugs close to the body, with a zipper that opens up just enough for you to get a sneak peek at those bouncing works of art (which are soon going to be put to work feeding her baby!).

It’s practical, tactical, and at the same time sensual. At the end of the day, that’s all we all really need in a female superwoman’s outfit. 

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