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Catching Fire: 7 Reasons Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence

Hollywood It-girl turns up the heat in Hunger Games sequel, <em>Catching Fire.</em> Us, mortal men, kneel and pay tribute!
by Anton D. Umali | Nov 21, 2013
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Fans of the Hunger Games series have been itching for the sequel since Katniss Everdeen last wielded her bow for a victorious win. Finally, the wait is over because The Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens in cinemas today, and Jennifer Lawrence (or J-Law for diehard fan-boys) is back to kick some ass in a tight tracksuit that makes all your girlfriends wish they too could battle to the death.

In Catching Fire, Katniss and pretend-boyfriend Peeta are forced back into killing-mode when the Capitol announces the Quarter Quell, a sort of all-star fight to the death featuring past victors of the games. There’s no doubting that this installment will be another insta-hit, raking in the big bucks and making it the ber-months' must-see.

Much of the success of the franchise can be attributed to its leading lady, J-Law.  Her meteoric rise to fame is a testament of her star power. She’s young, hot, and talented, and there’s just no denying every man’s fixation with the budding ingénue. To do our part in lauding this lawlessly awesome lady, we, ehem, pay tribute to this girl on fire by displaying our adulation for the J-Law obsession. 
It really isn’t surprising that her show business roots are in modeling. Equal parts bombshell and girl next door, the blonde stunner has that raw magnetism men drool over and girls everywhere wish they could emulate. And when chicks dig a chick, you know that there’s something special underneath all that smokin’ goodness.

Before hitting it big with franchise flicks like The Hunger Games and X-Men: First Class, Jen caught the attention of critics and audiences with her portrayal of Ree in 2010’s backwater noir thriller Winter’s Bone. Her performance as a modern day heroine fighting the travesties of poverty as she searches for her meth-dealing daddy, earned her an Oscar nod. She eventually won the Best Actress plum for Silver Linings Playbook earlier this year, proving that she’s more than just a pretty face.

It seems these days that dipping into the creative juices of the young adult genre can ensure box office gold. Although Harry Potter was epic to say the least and Twilight tapped into the supernatural-obsessed, sexually frustrated YOLO generation, The Hunger Games easily put most of its contemporaries to shame with its adult-centric themes of mortality amidst a dystopic society and culture. Sound too adult to handle? Well it is. And leading the banner for Hungry Hippos (we heard that’s what fans are calling themselves) is the awe-inspiring Jennifer Lawrence as she sticks an arrow in every Twihard’s and Potterhead’s hearts.

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