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Chris Hemsworth And Mark Ruffalo Admit To Being MCU Fanboys

To work with the cast of 'Avengers: Infinity War' must have been the dream
by FHM Staff | May 4, 2018
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You've probably seen those videos of Mark Ruffalo (who plays Hulk) and Tom Holland (who plays Spider-Man) not being able to stop themselves from giving away the ending of Avengers: Infinity War. The cast must have been too invested in the story that even the big-name actors couldn't tell the difference between fact and fiction.

According to Chris Hemsworth (Thor), starring alongside a stellar roster—particularly the Guardians of the Galaxy crew like Chris Pratt (Peter Quill) and Bradlye Cooper (Rocket Raccoon)—was "a bit of fan boy moment for me. It was also kind of nerve wracking as I felt strangely uncomfortable and wondered how I fit into this puzzle. It was great. We were able to improvise a bit and play around with that. It brought out the unique qualities in all of our characters purely from just having someone different involved."

For everyone to coexist with their fellow A-listers, he felt that there had to be "far less ego" on the set. "There was no rehearsing. We turned up, shook hands, introduced one another, and started shooting. It needed to be that way because that’s how it was for the characters," Hemsworth explained. "So if it can kind of blend into one another in that sense then it's a huge benefit. That was so much fun to play, because a lot of us came into this film as big a fans of each other's franchises."


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Meanwhile, Ruffalo relished the chance to work, for the first time, with people he admires, like Anthony Mackie (Falcon) and Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther). "It's exciting when I look around at the talent of the actors and where they come from to be put into this world and work with the resources that we have. There is an enormous amount of talent here in every department from all over the world. Then when I see the racial diversity that's really honest and fully expressed, I think there's hope for the world."

He thinks that the extension of the Marvel Cinematic Universe should serve as a model of how life progresses, even calling it "modern mythology." "These movies tell us in some way how we're supposed to be in the world. They reflect more of where we are culturally than any political ideology," Ruffalo said. "I see that happening in front of me every single day with people working together beautifully in this completely creative, imaginative sense. It's just the best of the best all around you. And that is a marvel to me."

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No wonder putting on a costume and talking too much about the movie comes naturally to these guys. They're MCU fanboys themselves!


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