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Clash of the Titans

<p>King-kong, move over</p>
| Mar 30, 2010
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The last time we saw Sam Worthington, he played the part of an overgrown, cat-like Smurf trying to learn the ways of a strange, fantastic world. That movie was Avatar, and boring plot aside, it was a visual masterpiece that we just couldnt take our eyes off of. [firstpara] Just a few months later, and here comes Sam once again, this time playing the part of Zeus' son, Perseus in this summer's first epic blockbuster, Clash of the Titans.

As a remake of the Ray Larryhausen's 1981 stop-motion cult classic, this one succeeds in bringing a fully-realized gods-and-men-wage-war setting.

The whole setting is grand and has an epic vibe about it, the kind where you always half expect a thousand-man battle to explode out of nowhere. And as we said before, it's not only men doing the fighting, because the gods, primarily between Zeus and Hades have their own differences to settle as well.

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Epic, mythological creatures take their post at every corner, waiting for Perseus, who's main quest is to save the zenith of civilization, Argos, and a certain princess named Andromeda.

At certain times, the movie's digital look makes it look more like a modern video game, pitting the protagonist with a frightening monster one by one until he reaches the final boss, which in this case, is the mighty Kraken.

Where's Johnny Depp when you need him? Well, we won't spoil how Perseus does the job, but rest assured, Clash of the Titans is visually amazing—not as fresh as Avatar, but still nice.

Word of warning: its 3D aspects are underdeveloped, so it isn't exactly worth it to pay extra for the 3D version. Also, there's always a campy feel when making movies that deal with mythology, and this movie isn't any exception. The campy feel thankfully doesnt exactly ruin the action vibe of the movie.

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Essentially, Clash of the Titans is a summer popcorn adventure blockbuster that one shouldn't overanalyze. Enjoy it for what it is. If you want to see men in sandals and dangerously short "war-skirts" slashing and dicing the most menacing monsters this side of Greek mythology, then this movie is for you.


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