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Did These American Celebrities Really Just Tape Themselves Smoking Weed While Driving?

Rapper Ice Cube and funnymen Kevin Hart and Conan O'Brien have just hotboxed their way into our lungs.
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 7, 2016
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Yup, they did.

American funnymen Conan O'Brien and Kevin Hart, and the rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube (and an Asian girl looking to get her driver's license) just had the best drive-around of 2016 yet.

The four drove around California in a legit student's driver car, bought an awful-looking piñata, cursed at other road users, threw a penny at another car, bought marijuana, crammed the said marijuana in the said piñata, smoked the said marijuana, beat the red light, and got apprehended by a police on a bike. 

It is indeed, as Conan put it, just like starring in their very own Cheech And Chong movie—what with the weed and the shenanigans and all. Hart, in one uncontrollable fit of laughter, pointed out that they were going to jail. They didn't, and we all had a good laugh.


After watching it, the first thing that popped in our heads was "Man, we wish we could do this sort of whack behavior and film it, too!" And not get imprisoned—we can't make it in prison.

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