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This Incredibly Elaborate 'Conjuring 2' Scare Prank Is So Evil

We would've been traumatized
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 22, 2016
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Some people go to great lengths to scare people. And by "some people," we mean the folks behind the YouTube channel "Câmeras Escondidas Programa Silvio Santos" who recently set up the most horrible, mean, and evil prank in the history of scare pranks

The Brazil-based channel set up a prank inspired by The Conjuring 2, a film known for a ghostly nun whose style choices clearly pays tribute to Marilyn Manson. In the prank, they recreate a room filled with all the accessories and decorations that a sane person who has ever been scared by The Conjuring movies wouldn't put in their room. Namely: a wall full of crosses, a makeshift tent, the Annabelle doll, spooky cabinets with big mirrors, and a scary nun.


These are the things that the victims—house-sitters from an agency—had to deal with. The victims are brought to the said room where they are instructed to wake up a supposedly sickly person when the alarm rings. Once they do, well, it's go time. Furniture slides across the room to block the exit, the lights violently flicker, the person on the bed becomes possessed, and the crosses turn upside down like in the movie.  

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The climax: the nun. We would've fainted at that point.



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