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O-M-F-G! Cristine Reyes Makes Us Want To Be John Estrada (Or Derek Ramsay) In Trophy Wife!

A new "Wife" movie is coming soon, and this time, John Estrada gets to be the lucky, lucky husband. Find out why here!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 7, 2014
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Still banking on the Pinoys' obsession over failed marriages and women in relationships trying to out-bitch each other, Viva Films returns with Trophy Wife. The film stars Cristine Reyes as the titular trophy wife of successful-looking dude, John Estrada.

The twist? Unbeknownst to Pareng John, Cristine has a history with his equally successful-looking bro Derek Ramsay—a history that to the sneaky Cristine isn't entirely over yet, manifesting itself in a grand scheme that might just make Derek and John break out in a bro-fight. Heart Evangelista also stars in the flick as Derek Ramsay's other half, a.k.a. the film's trophy wife number two.

"Inubos ko...yung yogurt mo sa ref"

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Showing on July 30, we've got a number of expectations: exquisite wardrobe that 99-percent of us wouldn't be able to afford, swanky restaurants that 99-percent of us wouldn't be able to afford, sex-in-the-shower scenes 99-percent of us wouldn't look good doing, and a boatload of reasons to hate on John Estrada and Derek Ramsay. We let the snapshots from the trailer explain that last part: 

John Estrada gets to do that ol' cry-on-my-shoulder-while-I-feel-your-boobs routine...

John Estrada gets to inspect Cristine's beautiful face at a distance we can only dream of...

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John Estrada gets to check Cristine's obviously angelic morning breath...

John Estrada can look at Cristine's smooth, sexy shoulder for as long as he wants...

...even squeezing it a bit, thus prompting an impromptu appearance from Cristine's cute dimples

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Again with the up-close inspection! John ha! Nakakarami ka na!

At aba nakahalik pa
! Think of your Brazilian wife, John!

At ikaw pa ang galit niyan
, John?!

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NEXT: Cristine kissing Derek, Cristine trying to out-diva Heart in a bikini contest, and more Cristine!

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