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Dark Knight

<p>The Batsuit once again makes its nightly trip to the dry cleaners</p>
| Jun 28, 2008
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Who? Christian Bale (flashy); Heath Ledger (departed)
What’s it about? A year after Batman (Bale) sweeps the city clean of them criminals, a new criminal mastermind is making an entrance in the city’s most wanted list, known only as The Joker (Ledger). Bruce Wayne’s alter ego has to find a way to stop the psychopath into turning the city topsy-turvy, but Batman is going to need more than his usual Bat-weapons to scare the creepy clown away. A new District Attorney (Eckhart) gives our nocturnal hero a hand, but ends up in a love stitch with the dark knight’s childhood love.
What’s good about it? Director Christopher Nolan shot four fight scenes in IMAX film, so have those 3-D glasses ready.
What’s bad about it? This is the last movie project that Aussie star Heath Ledger completed before his untimely death in January this year. A lot of speculations lead to Ledger being too absorbed with his character’s erratic ways, a rumor dispelled by the movie’s mother studio.
The verdict: You lined up for the first Batman movie back in the ’80s with an uncreased-looking Michael Keaton and a jumpier Jack Nicholson; after two decades, you’ll still want to do the same with this one - Mica Siquijor

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