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KILL COUNT: How Many Has Darth Vader Killed In 'Star Wars' Movies?

Here's how the former Jedi Knight's body bag figure compares to those of other popular movie killing machines.
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 23, 2015
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Central to the success of Star Wars is its main antagonist, Darth Vader (and his breathing), who is among the most popular movie villains of all time. And, with interest in the film franchise currently at a high (have you seen the new The Force Awakens trailer and poster?), attention is once again focused on the masked evil.

But just how bad was Darth Vader? It's a currently an on-going debate, and some say he wasn't really all that evil.

But, if we're going to assign a number to his, uhm, "bad-ness," then we might just have a definite answer to the aforementioned query.

Thanks to the guys of YouTube channel Mr Sunday Movies, the former Jedi Knight turned Sith Lord is the topic of the latest Hollywood movie kill count.



Well that was underwhelming.

And here we though he'd score higher than Jean-Claude Van Damme (393), Sylvester Stallone (539), and Arnold Schwarzenegger (509)...combined! (Nope, not Superman, dude's a total beast.)

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That figure could still be either higher or lower though. You see, many of the kills he made happened when he was still Anakin Skywalker. Also, we didn't take into account the people that were vaporized in all those big-ass explosions.

So yeah, we guess the debate rages on.

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