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7 YouTube Daredevils Insane Enough To Be On The Suicide Squad

These guys are definitely Team Joker.
by John Paulo Aguilera | May 13, 2015
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We all know that the title of the upcoming live-action super(anti-)hero film Suicide Squad is just a metaphor for the elite group of super-convicts' (by DC Comics) nature of work.

Members of this unlikely government-sanctioned team of supervillains are assigned to essentially one-way black ops missions in exchange for commuted prison sentences. And ultimately, no one cares if they die—they are also, in a way, deemed expendable because of their bumpy track records.

But what if real people take the concept of a suicide squad literally? Apparently, what you'll get is a new super (head-scratching) group of ballsy individuals that screams, "Zero f*cks given!"

Presenting a new allegiance inspired by the craziest of stunts: The real-life Suicide Squad and their super pseudonyms!


Video via Nitro Circus

After failed attempts in the past two years, legendary action sports athlete R Willy has finally landed the world's first-ever scooter triple backflip during one of the Nitro Circus USA Tour shows in Jacksonville recently. Actually, the Nitro Circus is its own madcap team, with member Josh Sheehan pulling off the world's first freestyle motocross triple backflip a week ago.

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Superpowers: High tolerance for motion sickness and celebratory mobs


Video via billonSoA

No steering wheel? No problem! This was the mantra of two Polish rally drivers when their car's steering wheel came off in the middle of a freakin' race! The main driver (the one on the left) was cool as a cucumber and was just like, "Chill bro, I got this..."

Superpower: Super(-duper) grip


Video via tubetime29

An encounter as close as this with a predator as fearsome as a great white shark would've caused anybody to faint. Heck, why would you even be that damn near a creature like that?! Well, it seems that the diver above didn't have any second thoughts...

This person's pretty brave too:

Video via a Variables Production

Superpower: Immunity to anything shark-related


Video via Complex

A writer for pop culture website Complex recently attempted to take in Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's ridiculous daily 10-pound diet plan. The result? Let's just say that his distaste for fish and the fact that each of the seven meals "weighed as much as a Range Rover tire" didn't help his cause...

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Superpower: Plain courage (to take on such a ludicrous challenge)


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