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DEPP VS. DEPP: Weird Roles vs. Regular Joes

Because Johnny Depp's worst enemy is his regular self
by Anton D. Umali | Jul 17, 2013
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It’s quite safe to say that Johnny Depp has been resting on his laurels (and kooky costumes and even kookier makeup) when it comes to the roles he has been choosing to portray. What were once lauded as quirky, offbeat acts of thespian panache has now grown tired and old. Not to be all nega about it, but we’re sick of the makeup and of his weird rock star infused caricatures passing off as entertaining protagonists.

To be frank, we’re getting sick of the Johnny Depp shtick. Lone Ranger, a movie remake of the Western pop-icon famous in the 1930s, where Depp plays Tonto, the Indian sidekick to the titular character, hits theaters this week, and we couldn’t help but notice a caked-faced Johnny D. overacting (yet again!), hiding behind the loony physical attributes of his Native American character (he sports a dead bird for a hat for crying out loud!).

Here's the trailer:

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