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The Ingredients To An Epic Action Movie Poster (According To Jeorge Estregan Movies)!

Have you seen the poster for Jeorge Estregan's Muslim Magnum .357 remake? Prepare for some mind-blowing art!
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 11, 2014
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The Acting Pride of Laguna (and also its Governor) E.R. Ejercito has starred in annual action flicks competing in the Metro Manila Film Festival. First was 2011's Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story, then 2012's El Presidente, and then Boy Golden, the year after.

This year, we have a remake of an FPJ classic, Magnum Muslim .357.

The posters have been, ahem, golden:

Clearly, E.R.'s movie posters are blazing a trail. What kind of trail? The kind that people in the year 2200 will dig up and proclaim as art that was way ahead of its time.

So now, we're going to stay ahead of the curve and analyze these works of art before they ever find themselves in a museum in the future. Just how are these posters so amazing? Read below and see just what the ingredients are to making a fine movie poster.

NEXT: Our detailed, scientific analysis of E.R.'s posters

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