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4 Things We Liked About Every Breath U Take

Why we love Angelica, reason number 136
by Gelo Gonzales | May 18, 2012
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FHM cover girl Angelica Panganiban might be in tears after her recent break-up with longtime beau Derek Ramsay. But if it’s any consolation, at least her newest flick, Every Breath U Take, is raking in some.

The Star Cinema “comedy-romance” feature opened to the tune of 10 million pesos last May 16. We’re not movie stars, but we bet that’s how movie stars win break-ups. “Derek, hey, I just called to tell you…my movie’s making millions,” must be what Angelica plans to tell him should she drunk-dial. High five, Angelica, great to see you’re doing well.

Now, let’s all put our movie critic hats on, and see what Every Breath U Take did and did not do well. Is it just another Pinoy named-after-a-song date movie? The reasons can be delineated in such a manner that the film in question…alright, we’ll stop pretending, but here’s what we liked about it:

1) It shakes the formula a bit
Here’s the deal: Majoy (Angelica Panganiban) is on the hunt for Mr. Right. She needs to find him soon, because the doctor tells her that if she takes too long, she won’t be able to bear offspring. Mr. Right, much to our regret, is a playboy who doesn’t play by the rules. His name is Leo (Piolo Pascual.)

If this were a typical Star Cinema rom-com outing, you know that eventually the playboy’s going to fall in love, while the hopeless romantic learns important life lessons along the way about the pitfalls of being a hopeless romantic. Okay, so that still kind of happens, but the treatment of the film is different.

Every Breath U Take focuses more on the comedic side. Here and there, there will be bits of slapstick, and a ton of jokes worthy of being retold in real life. Sometimes, the film borders on the ridiculous, and sometimes, it’s hard to digest the more serious parts after all that laughing. But haven’t we all been wishing for a fresher approach? For a movie named after a song to commit to shaking things up, that’s commendable.

2) The bottom line: it’s fun and entertaining
It’s far from perfect: the plot rarely thickens nor do the story arcs tie up as beautifully as it could in the end. But as far as your amusement is concerned, it’s an enjoyable ride.

Is it because we don’t expect much out of date movies that we’re being forgiving? Oh, most definitely. Every Breath U Take doesn’t explore new ground, and it doesn’t attempt to. It seeks to entertain. Majoy and Leo’s dilemmas, while absurd at times, are still very relevant, helping the audience connect, and laugh and cry with the characters.

3)    Angelica’s a real screen angel
Angelica, in spite of current real-life situations, played the role of Majoy with a ton of enthusiasm. That enthusiasm shone through, which made her scenes a real treat to watch. Not just because she’s pretty—that we all know, already—but Angelica’s ability to shift from laughter to tears once again shows why she’s in the lead.

4)    Supporting cast plays along with gusto
Janus del Prado, Ketchup Eusebio, Ryan Eigenmann. Haven’t you seen these guys somewhere before? Yup, they’re Star Cinema staples, and for good reason. These supporting actors have a good handle on how to make the most out of their scenes. Other actors to watch out for: Wendy Valdez and Regine Angeles. These FHM alumna handle their roles well too. 

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