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#WhatIf: FHM Adapts 5 Anime Classics Into Movies

We channel our inner Michael Bay, and try not to ruin your anime favorites too much!
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 17, 2014
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The anime-to-live-action-movie movement gains steam today as the film adaptation of Lupin The III opens in cinemas.

The zany antics of the thief in the red suit, his pals (the sharp-shooting Jigen and sword-swinging Goemon), his biggest foil (the inept Zenigata, whom Lupin affectionately calls “Depektib”), and the hottest girl we’ve ever seen in anime (Fujiko!) have now been immortalized in film. This time around, the crafty, shifty-handed gang is after the “Crimson Heart Of Cleopatra”—with Zenigata never far behind.

Here’s the trailer:

For anyone who enjoyed watching Lupin monkey around, make a fool of the people chasing him, and steal the world’s most valuable treasures—all while trying to score on Fujiko—the film, in spite of so-so reviews, could be something worth catching. The fact that it took nearly 50 years (Lupin first appeared in manga form in 1967) before the adaptation took place may also be reason enough.

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Now, with the release of the film, along with next week’s premiere of Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends (out September 24), we tap into the thoughts of the frustrated movie director in us, and dream of movie adaptations for our favorite anime shows. Below are five of our inner direk's picks!


Series refresher: Giant truck robot battles giant monsters sent to earth by angel-winged aliens. Plot twist: Giant truck robot pilot is in love with the princess of the angel-winged aliens.

Video via salim abd

Our main cast:

Richard - Philippine Taekwondo champ Japoy Lizardo
ErikaMulawin-era Angel Locsin
Prince Ulrich – Any guy from Mulawin

Potential comic relief moment: The Daimos truck gets stuck in EDSA traffic as a level 5 Kaiju demolishes Makati (controversial “world-class” parking building included).


Series refresher: Schoolgirls use the power of “makeup” to transform into super-heroines with a fondness for ultra-short skirts. Inadvertently raised an entire generation of boys who developed an inexplicably strong attraction towards K-pop girl groups.

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